2020-2021 Staff

Anne Griffin


Anne has been a Randorite reporter and photographer since 2017. She is an active member of the Radnor's Model United Nations club and the ACLAMO Spanish Service Club. Anne also serves as the Senior Student Representative on th...

Ellie Davis

Associate Editor

Ellie Davis, class of 2022, has been a Radnorite reporter since 2019. Her piece, The Disparity within Pennsylvania's Education System, tied for first place as a feature story in the 2020 Keystone Press Awards. She is generall...

Andrew Rosin

The Radish Editor

Mohen Li

The Radish Associate Editor

Mohen has been a Radish (and Radnorite) graphic designer and the Radish Associate Editor since the summer of 2019. His work includes the Radish’s logo and the Radnorite's logo. Despite swearing a solemn oath to never write a...

Ali Bauer

Currents Section Editor

Ali became involved in the Radnorite in 2018 and became an editor in 2019. In 2017, Ali founded an environmental organization called Action Earth. With Action Earth, Ali successfully campaigned to have Radnor Township School District...

Edy MacKenzie

Opinions Section Editor

Edy has attended Radnor schools her whole life and has been writing for the Radnorite since 2019. She enjoys learning more about her community through the paper, as well as including her personal perspectives in her articles....

Debby Armstrong

Radnor Beat Section Editor

Jesse Conen

Sports Section Editor

Jesse has been a Radnorite reporter since 2017, specializing in the area of local sports journalism and sports previews. Jesse is a member of the Model United Nations club and competes with Radnor's Hi-Q academic quiz team. Jesse...

Nathan Kellerman

Arts Section Editor

Ryan Movsowitz

Radnorite Publisher

Sammy Rosin

Currents Associate Editor

Sammy has been a Radnorite reporter since 2019. She enjoys writing a variety of articles on timely topics. Sammy runs cross country, winter, and spring track and is also a part of the ACLAMO Spanish Service Club. When not writing...

Sarah Tachau

Opinion Section Associate Editor

Tess Brennan

Radnor Beat Section Associate Editor

Sheila Esgro

Sports Section Associate Editor

Sheila has been a member of the Radnorite since 2018. She enjoys writing sports related articles on the activities at Radnor High School. Additionally, she is an active member of the Best Buddies Club and the Student Ambassadors...

Eleanor Adams

Arts Associate Editor

Eleanor joined the Radnorite as a freshman in 2019 and is serving as an editor for the first time this year. Aside from writing for the newspaper, Eleanor participates in ice hockey and cross country for Radnor. In her free time,...

Noah Conen

Director of Food Publications

Anya Chan

Staff Writer

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