The Comforts of a Memory

Emilija Sagaityte


The heat of the cocoa pecks my lips,

Melts my worries, consumes me.

Savoring the sweetness,

I close my eyes.


I am back in the serene woods,

Standing on the root of the tree

Grasping at the earth.


I hold on to the bright rays

Radiating off the scintillating snow that covers

The ground below, the chirping that pierces

Through the frigid air, my laughter that lives

Between the fallen leaves.


I open my eyes,

Cup empty, stomach full,


The fierce growling of the gust of wind

Floods my ears,

As the sunlight reaches down

And covers me in warmth


I sink back into the sand

Waves crashing into and scraping my bare legs.

Out of the corner of my eye

I see an eagle flying away, the waves retreating

Across the ocean in front of me.


Glancing down at my bare feet

I see the grains and shells give way

Under my toes,

Making me feel

Like I’m receding into the background,

Like I’m being pulled back to the kitchen,

Where lingers the welcoming aroma of savory chicken,

Baked potatoes, and homemade cherry pie.


I am once again

Staring intently and eagerly

Out of my frosted window

At lights blinking red, green,

White and blue.


The doorbell rings and my feet move

Against the cold, wooden floors

And I am greeted by familiar smiles

And gentle arms embracing me.


In an hour’s time

I am seated at a table

With chairs crowded with friendly people,

Mouths filled with delectable treats,

Ears consumed with carefree laughter,

And hearts endowed with undeniable love,


Which remains everything,

A memory