“Ready for 100” Energy Transition Plan Accepted by Radnor Township’s Board of Commissioners

The Sierra Club

The Sierra Club

Ali Bauer

The “Ready for 100” initiative is a national campaign that strives to commit individual townships and districts to achieving 100% renewable energy by 2035. On Monday, February 25th, 2019, supporters of the “Ready for 100” initiative persuaded the Radnor Township Board of Commissioners that Radnor is Ready for 100% renewable energy. Radnor’s “Ready for 100” resolution passed that night with a vote of six to one in favor, and the resolution has since been in the process of implementation. In addition to Radnor, there are thirty-three other municipalities in Southeast Pennsylvania working toward the same goals with “Ready for 100.”

On Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021, the final Renewable Energy and Conservation Plan report was submitted to the Radnor Board of Commissioners. The plan details four main areas of activity: Community Action & Conservation, Municipal Ordinance Program, Legislative & Regulatory Advocacy, and Partnership Opportunities. Practical Energy Solutions and the Radnor Green Team will be working together to move forward with the plan—community involvement is essential to make these goals a reality.

Sara Pilling, Radnor’s Green Team advisor, declared “although the effects of Climate Change are already impacting Radnor, technological advances combined with adaptation by all residential/commercial/ 

Institutional entities will make us safer than if we do nothing.” With that, Radnor Senior Becca Zajac shared, “Since the school district and the township have the common goal of achieving 100% clean energy, it is important that the two work together in achieving our respective commitments. Beyond that, we as a community hold a significant responsibility here. Continuous support from the Board of Commissioners will be derived from the community’s enthusiasm for this initiative– we’re counting on you! I’m excited to move forward with the Green Team and collaborate further with the township on this project.”

Radnor Township’s Green Team, made up of Radnor High School seniors Ali Bauer and Becca Zajac, Radnor residents Dan Burnham, Katrina Ogilby, Mark Muller, Mary Coe, Ruth Muller, and advisors Ruth McCormick Levy, and Robin Mann and Sara Pilling, is a great contact for questions and concerns. Sara can be reached at [email protected], and Robin can be reached at [email protected]. Radnor’s Ready for 100 Instagram account, @readyfor100radnor, is also a great page to follow for updates on Radnor’s clean energy progress!

Radnor will soon be sending out online pledges to generate community support for clean energy. To maximize the impact, the Green Team encourages you to enlist pledges from friends, family, neighbors, or anyone in your local network.

Following the passage of the “Ready for 100” resolution in 2019, Radnor is ready to move forward with our commitment to achieving clean energy! Over the next 15-30 years, Radnor will be limiting plastic bag/straw use and eliminating energy sources that require fossil fuels — a necessary step in securing clean air and a clean planet for future generations. With that, other substitutes such as solar panels and batteries will gradually replace the gasoline and oil that is currently in use. Such an ambitious goal will take great time and effort, but Radnor is committed to generating positive change! 


The document overviewing the meeting: https://www.radnor.com/DocumentCenter/View/23832/Renewable-Energy-and-Conservation-Plan_FINAL

 The recording, sponsored by Practical Energy Solutions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSZhcH0oS2E