Mrs. Sharon McNamara

Remembering Mrs. McNamara

Sammy Rosin, Editor-in-Chief June 17, 2022

Whether it was with a compliment about an outfit, a question about  classes or  extracurricular activities, or just her friendly smile, Mrs. Sharon McNamara made every RHS student feel welcomed and appreciated...

Photo by Lindsay Feinberg

Farewell, Class of 2022: The Radnorite Senior Edition

Ellie Davis, Editor-in-Chief June 9, 2022

The Class of 2022 has officially graduated, ending the high school careers of the 309 graduates. This highly anticipated day marks our equally exciting and intimidating venture into the real world —...

Understanding Abortion Laws Around the World

Understanding Abortion Laws Around the World

Renatka Kozlowska, Staff Writer May 27, 2022

Around the world, national governments write laws that can either regulate and restrict the lives of their citizens or give them complete bodily autonomy. Amidst mask mandates, and possible vaccine requirements,...

The Morning Announcements: what comes next?

The Morning Announcements: what comes next?

Caitlin Roeltgen May 24, 2022

A morning staple for the majority of the student body at Radnor High School this year has become Just Talking With Lanie and Austin, the morning announcements. With the recent news about Lanie and...

Participants in the GLSEN Day of Silence wore stickers designed by Caitlin Roeltgen.

GLSEN Day of Silence

David Llorente and Rhea Howard May 20, 2022

Last month, students and teachers took a vow of silence for one day to bring awareness to the effects of harassment and discrimination against LGBTQ+ students in schools. This year's GLSEN Day of Silence...

An edition of the Radnorite from 1938

Inside the Radnor Archiving Room

Ellie Davis, Editor-in-Chief May 12, 2022

In the library, nestled between the writing center and the conference room, exists a little-known enclave of Radnor history: the archive room. For the past three years, one of our librarians, Mrs. Richter,...

The Willows Mansion- Center City Team

Inside the Willows Mansion

David Marshall, Staff Writer May 3, 2022

Ever since its construction in 1910, the Willows Mansion has been an important cultural center for the Radnor community, undergoing numerous renovations and stylistic changes. However, since 2018, the...

Book requests for RHS library undergo more robust review process from RHS administration

Book requests for RHS library undergo more robust review process from RHS administration

Ellie Davis, Editor in Chief April 20, 2022

The appropriateness of books in the library has been a growing debate during the 2021-2022 school year. Members of the public have raised concerns about books currently at RHS that contain sexual material,...

Experiencing the BSU Talent Show

Experiencing the BSU Talent Show

Finn Ryan and Gaby Heberling April 6, 2022

Radnor High School is no stranger to talent.  From the phenomenal triumphs of our sports teams to our distinguished academic achievements, the Radnor student body consistently continues its tradition...

Credit: Emily Schultz

Student Spotlight: Emily Schultz

Hanna Lyons and Spotlights April 3, 2022

Emily Schultz, 12th Grade Who is your celebrity crush and why? E: I feel like I have a lot, but currently I’m going through a Christian Bale phase. I think because the new Batman movie came out,...

RHS website reminds students of the April 22nd course selection deadline

The Trials and Tribulations of Course Selection: A Guide from Multiple Perspectives

William Meyer, Currents Editor March 31, 2022

Every winter, hundreds of students scour the program of studies in pursuit of creating a perfectly balanced schedule for the upcoming school year. This process can be overwhelming when trying to consider...

With the layering and the square patch jeans, Sofie’s outfit is super trendy and overall, a 10/10. Honestly, my jaw dropped when I saw this outfit; I absolutely adore the fact that everything matches. The colors go really well together, as the coat and sweatshirt complement the patches of the jeans, and the graphic shirt really tops it off. If you haven’t noticed, I am obsessed with the jeans and have been searching for them myself.

Outfits of the week: Winter edition

Zoe Margolies March 25, 2022

Welcome back to another section of Radnor’s outfits of the week! Due to the craziness of January, with midterm season and the end of the semester, this article spotlights great outfits throughout...

Cast B performs -Credits to Sean Cardon Photography

Mamma Mia!’s cast had the time of their lives performing the spring musical

Elena Chang March 22, 2022

From March 3rd-5th , Radnor High School’s spring musical, Mamma Mia, amazed audiences, with performances from both behind the scenes and on-stage amplifying the cult classic to a deeper level of emotion...

Fettuccine the egg

Egg Babies are Back and Better than Ever

Sofie Jubelirer, Arts Associate Editor March 18, 2022

In the past two weeks, Radnor High School received some brand new students: eggs. Not just ordinary eggs, extravagant egg babies in luxurious baskets. Recently, AP Psychology took on a new project of caring...

Graffiti on a bathroom stall.

Bathroom graffiti reveals student mental health struggles

Parnia Nasrullah March 15, 2022

Radnor High School has successfully returned to normal; as normal as it can be. This normal environment includes, among many things, an increase in the curriculum rigor in comparison to last year, going...

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