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RTSD Announces $2 Project to Replace RHS Non-Functioning Lights with Wooden Torches
RTSD Announces $2 Project to Replace RHS Non-Functioning Lights with Wooden Torches
Sarah Tachau May 17, 2023

Upon wrapping up construction of the Radnor High School athletic addition, district officials confirmed the next large-scale, fully-funded-by-your-tax-dollar project: replacing...

Tourette Syndrome Through Teenage Eyes
Tourette Syndrome Through Teenage Eyes
Chayse Hevesi May 17, 2023

A cacophony filled the high-ceilinged conference room; grunts, screams, song lyrics and even animal noises were audible from all directions. Dozens of people were jumping, waving and making strange faces. Every so often, a particularly...

Photo by Olivia Brubaker
Radnor Sports Roundup 22-23: Edition #16
Edy MacKenzie, Editor-in-Chief • May 26, 2023

I was a varsity player for the first time my sophomore year—excited, nervous, and eager to prove myself. I remember choosing uniforms well. I had been #18 on JV and intended...

Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss: Not Just Human Sensuality Adorned with Gold
Elena Chang May 14, 2023

Despite the grey, cloudy Viennese weather, the last room of the Belvedere Museum’s Austrian Gallery shimmers a soft gold. Upon entering the baroque-style space decorated with...

Joe Biden; Photo from CNBC
The 2024 Election, Who's Running?
David Marshall, Radnor Beat Editor • May 8, 2023

The 2024 presidential election is less than two years away, and there’s been a lot of speculation recently about who will run. While Joe Biden, who recently announced his intention...

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