Abigail Lenhard

Craig knew his target, Julia Getty, was going to be at her college orientation, so he drove three hours up to Penn State and scoured the campus until he found her. That snipe was his ticket to the finals.

Abigail Lenhard

My sister and I knew the basics on Harrison – hobbies, friends, his free periods – but there were so many unanswered questions left that were essential to sniping him: Did he have a job?What time did he get home from lacrosse? Did he keep his car in a garage?

Radnorite’s Chris Glanzmann sat down with the Dean of Admissions at Villanova University to help demystify the college selection process and to find out what colleges want. He learned that “if you are planning to go into a specific field, such as chemistry or computer science, you should take as many classes as you can [in those areas] while in high school.”

John Hydrisko and Victoria Vale

Over the course of a week, administrators unveiled their plan to use drug-sniffing dogs in the fight against teenage drug use. The controlled announcement first reached teachers, the school board, student leaders, parents, and then the student body at large. In our first installation of a series, Radnorite will try to straighten out some questions for anyone who needs to catch up.