Let’s talk about sex….ed. In the wake of incredibly restrictive abortion laws being passed in several states, Morgan Wisehart, Abigail Lenhard, and Estelle Atkinson discuss the broader issue: sex ed. On a national level, state level, and here in Radnor Township School District, our students are not receiving the education they deserve.

Jenna Spray explains, “After weeks of absolute chaos, actor Jussie Smollett has been arrested by the Chicago Police and charged for disorderly conduct in the wake of new evidence that has convinced both the public and law enforcement that Smollett concocted the attack himself in order to further his career.”

Lena Armstrong and Estelle Atkinson investigate the Kavanaugh hearing and its fallout, as well as the implications it will set for how we as a nation handle sexual misconduct in the future. They examine the hearing itself, comments from the Trump administration, and the widespread emotional response that resulted from Thursday’s hearing.

Jenna Spray
Disclaimer: In no way is this article intended to diminish the experiences of true sexual assault victims. This article’s main purpose is to expose the growing number of situations in which the #MeToo movement’s concept is manipulated and wrongfully wielded as a way to sidestep due process, and how that misuse punishes American men.

Christopher Glanzmann
In the United States, it seems as though more and more individuals previously considered critical in the formation of our nation are having their achievements nullified or their names erased, all because of their flaws and the imprint society of the time had on them.