Abgail Lenhard comments on an essay entitled “Privileged” by Kyle Korver, shooting guard for the Utah Jazz. Korver explains, “What I’m realizing is, no matter how passionately I commit to being an ally, and no matter how unwavering my support is for NBA and WNBA players of color….. I’m still in this conversation from the privileged perspective of opting in to it.”

Jingyuan Chen and Daniel Long explain, “Because of the rapidly advancing technologies, the world is now seeing a new generation of fighter jets emerge, ones with superb stealth technologies, supersonic speed and agility, and the newest and best software programs inside. This generation, the fifth generation, will quickly phase out the older fourth and four-and-a-half generation, and change the game for air superiority.”

Audrey Margolies and Grace South

On November 6th 2018, only one day away, Americans in every state will be able to vote in the Midterm Elections, which occur two years after every presidential election. These elections will determine all 435 seats of the U.S. House of Representatives and ⅓ of the U.S. Senate, as well as local city mayors and 39 state or US territory governors.

The Radnorite talked with candidate for the state house from the district PA-165, Jennifer O’Mara. O’Mara talks to authors Estelle Atkinson and Josh Woo about her campaign experience, her motivations, her policy aims, and her hope for American politics.

Tova Tachau
What started as a single sexual allegation has spiraled into a controversial circus that has been dominating the news headlines for the past week… Regardless of the validity of these accusations, should a person who has been accused of sexual abuse on three occasions still be considered to serve on the nation’s highest court?