About Us

Radnorite Leadership

Editor: Emilija Sagaityte

Managing Editor: Lena Armstrong

Technology Director: Sydney Brumfield

Publicity Director: Nazim Duran


Section Editors

Radnor Beat: Emily Chen (Section Editor) and Sarah Vizz (Associate Editor)

Opinion: Ben Chanenson , Nick Camposano, and Chapin Lenthall-Cleary (Assistant)

Currents: Josh Woo

Arts: Estelle Atkison and Abigail Lenhard; Morgan Wisehart (Upstream Imprint)

Sports: Fernando Castro

The Back Page: Sebastian Bryant


Want to write for the Radnorite?

Radnorite meets every Monday in room 126 from 2:30pm to 3:30pm. You can also stop by room 118 to talk to Mr. Dunbar (richard.dunbar@rtsd.org) or Mr. Payne (trevor.payne@rtsd.org).