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The Radnorite is a public forum that strives to generate community through publishing work of interest to the local youth culture. We value keeping current in the marketplace, pushing on the boundaries of traditional journalism, and exploring unique mechanisms of promoting and distributing our work–always with an eye to inform, engage, and challenge our readers.

Per the RHS administration’s request, the Radnorite undergoes a prior review process for all articles that appear on our website. The Radnorite sends all media to the administration 48 hours prior to publication. The legality of this prior review process is outlined in the Pennsylvania School Code. Learn more about New Voices legislation and the protection of student free speech here. 

We meet once a week on Wednesdays or Thursdays during Lunch & Learn in Room 110. Join us at any time, or contact an Editor to be added to our Groupme!

Radnorite Leadership

Editors-in-Chiefs: Finn Ryan, William Meyer
Associate Editors: Rhea Howard, Chayse Hevesi

The Radish Editors: Olivia Dhavale, Parnia Nasrullah
The Radish Associate Editor: Anrui Xu

Section Editors

Radnor Beat Editors: Elena Chang, Caitlin Roeltgen

Opinions Editor: Gaby Heberling

Arts Editors: Sofie Jubelirer & Zoe Margolies

Sports Editors: Arjun Jaswal

Sports Roundup Editor-in-Chief: Margarita Moreland

Photographers: Margarita Moreland, Bridget Walsh

Staff Writers: Nikolas Bryant, Niva Menon, David Llorente, Anna Conen, Defne Doken

Want to write for the Radnorite?
Radnorite meets once a week during community period. Please email or Schoology message Finn Ryan ([email protected]) or William Meyer ([email protected]) if you are interested in joining the Radnorite.

Staff Writer Policy: 

To be a staff writer, rather than a guest writer, an individual must come to meetings, help generate topic ideas, and write a minimum of three pieces per year. An individual will need to function effectively in this role in order to be considered for leadership positions later in his/her high school career. What defines you as a staff writer, rather than guest writer, is your commitment to the publication. Unlike guest writers, staff writers are permitted to put Radnorite on their resumes.

Comments Policy:

Updated 12/10/2020

The Radnorite seeks to promote community engagement on our posts. However, in the interest of encouraging meaningful, civil, discussion, all comments will be screened by our editorial staff. 

If the comment:

  1. Uses profanity, 
  2. Personally attacks the author, another commenter, or member of the Radnor Community, 
  3. Is an exact copy of a previous comment from the same commenter, 
  4. Does not include the commenter’s first and last name, and a valid email address, 
  5. Exceeds 200 words,

it will not be approved, and will not appear in the comment section of an article. 


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