About Us

We at The Radnorite strive to generate community through publishing work of interest to the local youth culture. We value keeping current in the marketplace, pushing on the boundaries of traditional journalism and exploring unique mechanisms of promoting and distributing our work–always with an eye to inform, engage, and challenge our readers.


Radnorite Leadership

Editor: Emilija Sagaityte

Managing Editor: Lena Armstrong

Publicity Director: Nazim Duran


Section Editors

Radnor Beat: Emily Chen

Opinion: Ben Chanenson and Nick Camposano

Currents: Josh Woo

Arts: Estelle Atkinson and Abigail Lenhard; Morgan Wisehart

Sports: Fernando Castro

The Back Page: Sebastian Bryant


Want to write for the Radnorite?

Radnorite meets every Monday in room 126 from 2:30pm to 3:30pm. You can also stop by room 118 to talk to Mr. Dunbar (richard.dunbar@rtsd.org) or Mr. Payne (trevor.payne@rtsd.org).