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Map of Radnor High School Parking and Exit Routes
How To Leave the School in Under an Hour: Alternative Routes to Avoid Radnor’s Construction Traffic
Sarah Tachau, Radish Associate Editor • June 10, 2021

Seniors, and Juniors who are parking in the Senior Lot, is the 3pm bus traffic...

Extreme Makeover: District Website Edition
Extreme Makeover: District Website Edition
Finn Ryan June 7, 2021

In light of recent findings, the Communications Department has taken it upon...

Photo from RTSD Instagram
The Unsettling Disappearance of the “We Love ‘R’ Seniors and Staff” Signs: A Formal Investigation
Sarah Tachau May 24, 2021

It was the eerie morning of March 22nd, at approximately 8:15 am when disaster...

What Type of Girl Boss Are You?
What Type of Girl Boss Are You?
Tess Brennan May 17, 2021

In the era of girl bosses, do you ever sit back and wonder, what type of girl...

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Image from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette
With students back in school, parents can stop complaining about their kids’ mental health
Ellie Davis, Editor in Chief • September 14, 2021

When the pandemic struck in March of 2020, parents were able to experience firsthand the damaging psychological effects of barring children from school. With kids back in...

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