Nazim Duran
Ed Sheeran has always broken the barriers between hip-hop, folk, rock, and pop. The beautiful blend of these genres is what makes Ed so unique, and has earned him his astounding fame. Ed Sheeran’s new album both offers a bigger blend of genres and more success than his two previous albums.

Chapin Lenthall-Cleary
On Saturday, April 22nd, I marched in the Philadelphia science march. The march was for anyone who cares about science, for anyone who cares about our country’s future, for anyone who cares about empirical truth.

Radnorite’s Chris Glanzmann sat down with the Dean of Admissions at Villanova University to help demystify the college selection process and to find out what colleges want. He learned that “if you are planning to go into a specific field, such as chemistry or computer science, you should take as many classes as you can [in those areas] while in high school.”

Jess Pevner
For high school seniors across the country, today marks the culmination of a long and often painstaking process. it’s a day meant for celebration and excitement about the future.