Local Company's "Days Without an Injury" Counter Reset to Zero

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Will Northington
Worker’s spirits at a local warehouse plummeted Thursday, September 31st, when their “Days Without an Injury” counter was pushed back to zero. Employees move shipments for a local office supplies store, and for 61 days straight did so flawlessly. Unfortunately for Larry Simmons, a senior member of the Packing Peanut Regulation team, the floors were freshly waxed Thursday afternoon and he slipped, hurting not only his knee, but his pride. “He took quite a tumble” said a co-worker and close friend Marc Grisham, who witnessed the event at his post by the baler. “We were shocked when he fell,” Grisham continued, “We weren’t angry with him, just embarrassed. You know? Now he’s ‘that guy’ in the office: the guy who messes up our hot streaks. He’s the talk of the water cooler.” Things likely will never be the same in the warehouse,  at least not for another 61 perfect days.