Liberal Tears


Alexa DiGiovanni

America has spoken and the liberals are crying.   This election was not about a candidate.  This election was about the direction of our country.   The last eight years of our government has exposed the drastic differences between the progressive left and the conservative right.  It also has uncovered the prevailing discord between the Washington establishment and working class Americans.  It is not surprising to me that those with a liberal viewpoint voice their concern toward the election with intolerance and anger.  The negative encouragement of protests and progressives movements undermines our democratic process of a peaceful transition.  Violent community organizing tactics have become standard operating procedure for liberal political groups.  
On November 8th, millions of Americans rejected the progressive left’s transformation of America.  If you are a liberal, you may not see it this way.   However, if you look at the election map, you will see exactly how America saw it.  There is plenty of RED and very little BLUE.  President-Elect Trump needed to win several battleground states, as well as rust-belt states, and he succeeded.  He colored dozens of counties red and won more states than President Obama.  President-Elect Trump, a political outsider, became the voice for the working class Americans who were left behind by the progressive promise of globalization.
In this election, Americans voted for an agenda of limited government and less regulation which are the pillars of conservatism.  President-Elect Trump’s conservative platform of reducing taxes, bringing back jobs, securing our borders, revitalizing our inner cities, supporting our police officers and vets, strengthening our military, and protecting our religious liberties resonated with a vast majority of Americans.  These are working class Americans who lost their jobs, who couldn’t afford Obamacare, and who no longer felt safe in their communities.  These are the everyday Americans that somehow were forgotten, but are no longer silent.  
Contrary to The Radnorite’s Going Forward article, the Trump Movement is an all-inclusive one.  It is for every American who shares in our forefathers’ idealism of liberty, equality, individualism, and democracy.  It is for all races, colors, genders, and sexual preferences.  
Political campaigns have differing platforms and policies.  Once a candidate has been elected, it is time to unite.  With that said,  President-Elect Trump has voiced his desire to unify Americans.  It is time to come together.  It is time to stop crying in protest and start celebrating this historic election.  Together, we will ….  Make America Great Again!