Radnor Football: Finally Seeing the Fruits of its Labor


Alex Hino (Radnor) is dragged down by Marlon Weathers (Marple Newtown) as Marple steps out victorious

Noah Offenkrantz

After an Upper Merion long ball put the Raiders down 7 nothing, it looked as though Radnor would be in for a long game. Yet, as usual, Radnor overcame the early obstacle and proved that Raiders are more ferocious pillagers than Vikings. On the back of Patrick McDermott’s 60% completion rate with 96 yards and 2 outstanding touchdown passes (one of which was caught by Jack Wilson and the other by Justin DiCarlo), the Raiders offense showed its productive capabilities in the season opener. While a new-found confidence in the passing game yielded great results for Coach Ryan’s veteran squad, the Raiders also picked up a plethora of yards on the ground.  Sophomore Jack Horvath ran for 76 yards on 15 carries thus averaging nearly 5.1 yards per carry, an average that would delight even the best professional football players. Jack Wilson, Aaron Fuller, and Pat McDermott also picked up large chunks of yards on the ground. Not to forget the go-to-guy in goal line situations, Naa’ir Williams, who fought his way into the end-zone for a big Raiders touchdown. Of course none of this would be possible if not for an all-star offensive line in (from right to left) Colin Bradley, Griffin Monaghan, Matt Rigolizzo, Martin Connor, and Harrison Doane who let up zero sacks. On the defensive side of the ball, Radnor stood rock solid picking up five sacks.

McDermott (11) steps out of the gate strong, throwing 96 yards for 2 touchdowns off of 15 attempts thus giving Radnor the edge over Upper Merion in a 21 -7 battle
McDermott (11) steps out of the gate strong, throwing 96 yards for 2 touchdowns off of 15 attempts thus giving Radnor the edge over Upper Merion in a 21 -7 battle

Radnor’s initial winning streak was due in large part to Jack Horvath. This sophomore Phenom rushed 14 times for 164 yards and 4 touchdowns (1 through the air and 3 on the ground) against Sun Valley. Radnor may be hot, but Jack Horvath is on fire. Not to mention, the stellar offensive line making minced meet out of a strong Sun Valley Defense.  Behind that line, Patrick McDermott went to work. The talented Junior showcased his strong-arm, throwing five completions for 162 yards and a touchdown. In the end, Radnor’s entire team effort was what gave them the edge over Sun Valley.
In their closest contest yet, Radnor pulled out an important victory over Springfield. While I must pay my tribute to Jack Wilson (182 combined yards for 1 touchdown), Patrick McDermott (250 yards through the air and 2 touchdowns), and Jack Horvath (82 yards on the ground and 1 touchdown), the true MVP was Josh Simpson. In the last 1 minute 14 seconds, Josh caught the winning touchdown, intercepted a pass to cement the win, and was still able to write a comprehensive theory explaining all of human existence while mastering French cuisine in his spare time.
While the undefeated Tigers did hand the Raiders their first loss, Radnor’s players should keep their heads held high. Specific shout-out to a stellar defense that limited the Marple scoring machine to only 20 points. Although the first loss is always tough, the experienced Radnor team is focused on molding their losses into learning experiences that will further contribute to the team’s success.
The Ridley Copycats, formerly known as the Raiders, handed Radnor its second loss last Saturday. In a back-and-forth battle, Radnor once again showed its stubborn refusal to give up. In the first half, Jack Horvath countered a Ridley TD by winning a 73 yard race to the End Zone, while Justin Dicarlo countered a Ridley TD with a Hail Mary reception preluding a Naa’ir Williams score. Not to mention Alex Hino who had a crafty 10-yard touchdown reception. In the end, the Radnor squad did a phenomenal job despite missing key players: Jack Wilson and Dario Falcone.
Getting to know the players:
This year’s defense is better than ever before thanks in part to Dario Falcone, the team’s 6’1”, 200 pound middle linebacker, who is the epitome of a defensive powerhouse. While Dario is one of the friendliest kids you’ll meet outside of football, he brings tears and nightmares to his unfortunate opponents every Friday night. Also keep an eye out for Senior wide receiver and punt returner Alex Hino who has legs like lightning and knows the game like no other. Watch out for #3 Jack Wilson. A name synonymous with athletic superiority, Jack Wilson consistently scores one or more touchdowns in every Radnor football game. He can run; he can catch; Heck, he could probably figure skate if he put his mind to it. On the offensive line, watch out for the big man Colin Bradley (#60).  At 6’6” and 280 pounds this future Lafayette football player is out for names. Radnor Keep your eyes peeled for #52 Griffin Monaghan. Griffin is a Physics Phenom off of the field, tackling projectile motion problems almost as easily as he tackles running backs. With the mind of Newton and the build of a brick wall, Griffin not only understands forces, but, even better, knows how to bring the force. I also hear that this Justin DiCarlo kid is quite the star. Justin has established himself as one of the best defensive backs in the district, intercepting every ball that comes in his direction. It’s no wonder that everybody (just me) calls him the Iron Dome System.
Question: If you could be a hybrid between any two animals, which two animals would you choose and why?
Justin DiCarlo (12th): “I’d probably go with a wolf and lion. I could easily kill prey, and both dog and cat people would like me. It would also be harder for Springfield to score if Radnor had a wolf-lion playing safety.”
Josh Simpson (12th): “Maybe a dog and a bird because birds can fly and dogs know how to appreciate the small things and enjoy life.”
Alex Hino (12th): “Probably a dog and dolphin because they are both cool.”