Last Words Motivated by Fear

Last Words Motivated by Fear

Sydney Brumfield

The Following was written on the night of Trump’s Inauguration, January 20, 2017. 

I know with utmost certainty that I cannot be the only one stricken with the grief tonight, Friday January 20, 2017. I am aware I should be looking towards the future in  hopes that our current president Donald Trump will be able to serve our country well, yet, I find this thought blatantly unrealistic. Although I am young for my years, the head I carry on my shoulder is one of the many future minds of the American public, ones that will undoubtedly take some of the hardest hits as a result of the Trump presidency.

I am fortunate enough to have the groundwork of my character formed under the Obama presidency. A time where differences have been embraced, love shared, and body positivity has been what I can only attest to as being at an all time high. A time that sets not only young boys and men up to be great gentlemen and leaders of the free world, but also encourages women young and old to be empowered and hold their heads high.

To this, I give credit where credit is due. As a role model, my generation has had a loving and devoted husband lead our nation by the side of his captivatingly brilliant wife. Together, they have assisted in striving for equal rights for all people regardless of race, gender, and sexuality. I honestly could not present to you a better example for the American public to hold in such high regard.

After speaking to women from the generations of Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials, I can say without a doubt the girls raised under the Obama administration are everything all other generations have strived for. From growing and learning under Obama since grade school, I know how greatly his leadership has effected me. I was encouraged to go out and try new things, to hold my head high as I walk through the hallways, know that my voice and my opinion means just as much as anyone else, and that I should feel comfortable in my body. Regardless of how progressive and impactful Obama and his wife’s candidacy was, we now must face the consequences of the decision made by those scared of change.

I can without a doubt thank Michelle Obama for being an inspiration to me from a young age, leading to the person I am today. All women that I spoke to from past generations attributed her as well for body positivity, along with numerous other growths for women we have seen in our society. To think, how much this phenomenal lady has impacted my upbringing and the way I carry myself, I can only imagine how devastating it will be for young women everywhere to have model Melania Trump as our First Lady.

It is my opinion that her past life and marriage to president Trump are detrimental to the young women of American. Under her many accomplishments, Melania has managed to be the first First Lady to pose nude, be a third wife to the president, support her husband’s harsh stance on immigration despite being one herself, and undergone plastic surgery. Coinciding with her husband’s unruly sexist remarks, Melania gives me no reason to suspect that she will do anything to lift up young girls to their full potential as Michelle Obama has.

I fear Donald Trump’s administration will breed the next generation of timid women fearful to speak their minds due to the harsh public in which they will grow. But hey, what do I know, it’s not like I’m an educated voter. I’m sure you guys picked the correct candidate, right?