Radnorite Staff Picked Music for January 2016

Manny Unger

Throughout my almost eighteen years, I have played five instruments (six if you include the recorder in third grade), and I was absolutely terrible at every one. Despite my lack of musical ability, I have always loved music. I enjoy a lot of songs along a spectrum of genres, but I’ve found that every once in awhile one song in particular really catches my ear. The following is a list of the Radnorite staff’s (in alphabetical order by last name) current earworms. Maybe some will catch you like they did us.


Staffer: Bobby Amarant

Song: “Angels”

Artist: Chance the Rapper

Genre: Rap

Reason: “The song gives off positive vibes, a catchy beat, and memorable lyrics.”


Staffer: Erin Brown

Song: “The Promise”

Artist: When in Rome

Genre: 80’s Pop/Synthetic Pop

Reason: “The promise was made famous for its appearance in the ending scene of Napoleon Dynamite. The song has diminished in popularity compared to other 80’s hits, but its electric pop vibes and killer background beat make it a great song for easy listening.”


Staffer: Fernando Castro

Song: “Superstar”

Artist: Lupe Fiasco

Genre: Rap

Reason: “This song makes me think about myself.”


Staffer: Ana DerSimonian

Song: “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

Artist: Simon and Garfunkel

Genre: Folk

Reason: “I appreciate the lyrics and the music is beautiful.”


Staffer: Clare Donaher

Song: “Years Years Bears”

Artist: Dodie Clarke and Tom Rosenthal

Genre: Alt Pop

Reason: “It’s a cute song that doesn’t make any sense, and you can quote me on that.”


Staffer: Mr. Dunbar

Album: “OK Computer”

Artist: Radiohead

Genre: Alt Rock

Reason: “Mesmerizing and terrifying, the British rock-alternative band Radiohead’s 1997 album OK Computer envelops the listener in an intergalactic struggle between mysterious forces. Thom Yorke’s howling vocals and Johnny Greenwood’s riveting guitar freak-outs guides the listener through an Orwellian/space-like vortex that leaves you to question the fate of modern society.”


Staffer: Carolyn Eckstein

Song: “Shallows”

Artist: Daughter

Genre: Indie Folk

Reason: “It’s relaxing and feels like summer.”


Staffer: Collin Hatch

Song: “Tongues”

Artist: Dear Rogue

Genre: Alt Pop

Reason: “I like how it sounds, honestly. The beat is great, but what’s even better is when the melody hits.”


Staffer: John Hydrisko

Song: “Laurence of Arabia Soundtrack”

Artist: City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Genre: Orchestral

Reason: “I don’t really listen to music, so this is my regular response to the question. At least I like movies.”


Staffer: Julie Lee

Song: “Breezeblocks”

Artist: Alt-J

Genre: Indie Pop

Reason: “The random harsh bits of the song contrast with the lyrics.”


Staffer: Mariah Maynard

Song: “Say It”

Artist: Tory Lanez

Genre: Hip-Hop/RnB

Reason: “I like it because it is a really relaxed song with a good beat.”


Staffer: Noah Offenkrantz

Song: “Modern Jesus”

Artist: Portugal. The Man

Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Reason: “Good vibes bro


Staffer: Mr. Payne

Album: “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars”

Artist: David Bowie

Genre: Glam Rock

Reason: “On a dreary October Saturday in ninth grade I recall sitting at my desk in my bedroom, precisely measuring out two millimeter wide capital letters of the name of my favorite rock star—the ‘A’ and the ‘I’ in DAVID raised a half letter up, the ‘O’ and the ‘I’ in BOWIE dropped a half letter down. Noting the circular effect, I chanced adding the conceit of an angular starburst, the yellow deepening as it passed under the red letters to the points of the triangles at the edge of the page. I taped it on the inside of my locker, even showing it to my edgy artistic friend, Paul McCarthy. (He was a Mod.) I kept it there until school was let out in June.”


Staffer: Jess Pevner

Song: “Shooting Stars”

Artist: Bag Raiders

Genre: Electronic

Reason: “This song is an instant pick-me-up, and its upbeat nature is perfect for a morning energy boost. Plus the first lyrics “it’s late and I’m awake” are pretty relatable.”


Staffer: Sarah Rosenblum

Song: “1901”

Artist: Phoenix

Genre: Indie Pop

Reason: “Why not.”


Staffer: Emilija Sagaityte

Song: “Photograph”

Artist: Ed Sheeran

Genre: Pop

Reason: “I like this song because the lyrics have depth and meaning and it’s melodic.”


Staffer: Manny Unger

Song: “Bless the Telephone”

Artist: Labi Siffre

Genre: Folk

Reason: In my unprofessional opinion, this is the most underrated love song of all time. Labi Siffre used a simple melody that never gets boring, sincere lyrics, and beautiful vocals with an unusual cadence to convey the way his love makes him feel with a word or two over the phone in an absolute triumph of song writing.


Staffer: Victoria Vale

Song: “Friday”

Artist: Rebecca Black

Genre: Pop

Reason: “With it, Miller lets me know I’ve survived another week in hell.”


Staffer: Anonymous

Song: “Ex’s and Oh’s”

Artist: Elle King

Genre: Alt Rock

Reason: “It’s catchy, and the artist is very talented.”