Waiting for the iPhone 8

Sarah Vizz

When Apple broadcasted news of an upcoming iPhone 7, the usual frenzy ensued. Millions anxiously anticipated the next revolutionary Apple product. Being a Apple fan myself, I, too, eagerly awaited the release. Unfortunately, I and many others ended up disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong; the iPhone 7 is definitely an upgrade from the iPhone 6.  With the novel A10 chip, the phone now functions almost twice as fast as Apple computers and its predecessor. The additional stereo speakers allow for optimal Netflix watching, the waterproof nature generates extra protection, and the 2x optical zoom lens creates stunning, detailed photographs. Most notable, however, is the removal of the headphone jack. In a push towards a wireless world, Apple took the first step and created AirPods, which use Bluetooth. People don’t have to deal with messy tangled wires anymore.

Nevertheless, the problem arises because the iPhone 7 provides virtually no advantage over its precursor. AirPods, sold separately, cost nearly $160.  For that hefty price, customers, ironically, get a small item. People can easily forget or lose them, then qhave to pay more money for a replacement. It seems that Apple only wants money, citing innovation as a cover up. Most don’t want to foot the bill. They, instead, use a convertor to go back to traditional headphones. This results in one unable to charge the phone and listen to music at the same time. In addition, Apple kept the same traditional design. Quickly glancing at both an iPhone 7 and iPhone 6, people can not differentiate between the two.  

Overall, there is no huge bang or surprise. Many are speculating the upgrade merely acts as a placeholder for the ten-year anniversary iPhone coming next year. Rumors are spreading, even now, of a glass iPhone with edge-to-edge display and touch enabled side buttons. With the keep your iPhone 6, save your money for now, and invest it later in the iPhone 8.