A Radnor Renovation Comes to the Courtyard

Radnor’s renovated courtyard is finally here.  After months of planning and a summer of dedicated work, the project has come to fruition.

It started last year when students realized a dead tree, damaged furniture, and a decaying greenhouse were in need of a serious overhaul. Radnor’s principal, Mr. Bechtold, immediately showed interest, donating $3,500 to the effort on behalf of the school. To raise additional funds dedicated to the project, the student government first hosted a local 5K race  In the engineering department, Mr. Leister and his classes drafted up plans that would guide the project going forward.

By June, the process was in full swing, with furniture picked out, and landscapers ready to go.  Organizations outside of the everyday school setting demonstrated their commitment as well, with the Radnor High School Parent-Teacher-Student-Association providing a $1,500 contribution, and the Radnor Educational Foundation donating $5,000. Last year’s graduating class pitched in another $1,000.

Throughout the summer, landscapers and high school employees worked diligently, successfully bringing to life the detailed plans drawn up only a few months earlier.  Today, the courtyard boasts new tables, chairs, benches, and study spaces for students to use as they please.  As early as the first day of school, students could be seen enjoying the renovated space.

The effort culminated in a recognition ceremony, where administrators, teachers, student government members, and others involved unveiled the finished project for all of Radnor Township School District.

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