Local Snowblower-Owning Man’s Popularity Skyrockets Among Neighbors After Snow Storm56

Will Northington
“Oh, he’s a sweet boy,” said Darlene Whitaker, 83, regarding Mitchell DeMois, a 43-year-old neighborhood hero.  DeMois spends his days co-managing the local flagship Olive Garden, but when winter storm Jonas hit, Mitchell hears his call to action. “She’s an Ariens Deluxe ST24LE SnowScreenshot_2.pngblower. That’s top of the line. She packs about a 254cc and her two-stage blower system lets her toss the snow, like, 50 feet or something,” raved Mitchell about his high-class snowblower. “She did my whole driveway in 15 minutes.” After finishing his own driveway, Mitchell cleared Darlene’s, the Jackson’s, Paul and Mary Lindenheimer’s, the Huxley’s, and even Old Man Crandall’s. “They were all so nice to me, I couldn’t resisting blowing their driveways,” Mitchell continued. “Old Man Crandall had never said a word to me, now all the sudden, here he is saying how good I look pushing a snowblower. He sure is a swell guy; I had to give him a hand, ya know? But just couldn’t bring myself to clear the Smith’s. That old man is an $%$^%&.” Mitchell was showered with thanks and praise after clearing his neighbors’ driveways. “I guess you could say I’m sort of a hero,” DeMois said. “Actually no, because Batman’s a hero, and I’m no Batman. I guess I’m just a good guy. No, put ‘good-samaritan.’ Aw, what the heck, call me a hero and see what happens.”