What If…We Have TEDx Talks at Radnor?

Emilija Sagaityte, Former Editor-in-Chief

They explain old concepts, and they analyze current situations. They introduce new ideas, and they challenge long-held ones. They provoke our minds, and they pull on our emotions. They can challenge and contradict our beliefs of what is and what will remain impossible, and they can open our eyes to new possibilities, realities much different from our own, and brilliant ideas. Occasionally, they can allude to potential futures that can at times seem beyond the scope of reality, and always, they are TED Talks.
Chances are that many, if not most, people have seen at least one TED Talk in their lives, whether it be in-person or through YouTube, and now they have made their way to Radnor.
Organized by sophomores Ethan Cai, Charlie Sutherby, Sam Lee, and Philip Gilbert with the help of Assistant Principal Mr. Stango and theater teacher Mr. Dietzler, TEDx Talks, the x meaning that they are independently organized, are going to be unveiled for Radnor community members on May 26th at 7 PM at Radnor High School. While only a hundred people are going to be able to come and see the talks that evening because of TED regulations, all of the presentations will then eventually be made available on YouTube for any others to view, and there will certainly be numerous ones to listen to.
For the past few months, seven high school students spent time preparing and perfecting talks to fit this TEDx Talk’s theme of “what if?” and within such a broad overarching subject, there is unsurprisingly a wide range of topics being covered. Speakers are using this opportunity to suggest the consequences of potential situations, propose ideas to common issues in the present-day, provide insight to daily actions, or simply explain a unique aspect of their lives.
Kenna McKenna is doing his TEDx Talk on synesthesia, and Anne Randal is doing hers on understanding and living with mental disorders. Ritvik Prabhu is bringing into light the idea of knowing everything and having all the data in the world and is relating that to philosophy. Meanwhile, Emilija Sagaityte is talking about sports-related head injuries and potential solutions, and Sydney Brumfield is explaining the effects of smiling. Kain Pierce and Jake Chanenson are doing talks as well, and several adults may also be presenting.
Therefore, with so many different ideas and perspectives coming together to form one intriguing, remarkable evening, it is now time to get tickets and anxiously wait for the curtains to open and for so many “what if” worlds to be revealed.