Hamilton Review

Grace Constable

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    The brand new and highly revered show, Hamilton, combines musical elements of the modern age with a storyline that takes viewers back to the early days of our country in a highly innovative, awe-inspiring performance at Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway. The show features 34 songs ranging from hip-hop, to jazz, to pop. With a soundtrack that takes the audience across many different genres, musical composer Lin-Manuel Miranda accomplishes a musical depth not found in many other shows on Broadway today. He manages to jam-pack an entire biography’s worth of facts about Alexander Hamilton into remarkably expressive lyrics that make the audience members want to dance in their seats.
    In this musical stars former Glee actor Jonathan Groff as King George, broadway debuting Phillipa Soo as Eliza Hamilton, and the musical composer and creator Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton. Each actor serves a unique purpose in making the show different from any other found on Broadway today. Groff has the difficult task of providing the comic relief throughout the show. He succeeds in this undertaking with his hilarious portrayal of King George. Phillipa Soo, a 23 year-old Juilliard graduate, shines in her Broadway debut with the female lead of Eliza Hamilton. Her voice is strong yet soft, and she embodies the complex role with ease and grace. Lin-Manuel Miranda, the musical composer and writer of the show, leaves the audience speechless with his seemingly natural ability to rap hundreds of lyrics throughout his performance while maintaining a steady flow of outrageous comedy.
    Many of the main actors even play two leading roles in the show. This presents a demanding task that many actors would find far too challenging: to channel not one but two different historical figures and portray them accurately to the audience. Daveed Diggs manages to excel in this aspect of performing, as he seems to effortlessly bring to life two incredibly influential men of the show’s time period: Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson. Diggs does both men justice as he portrays them both in a distinct yet touching way.
    Andy Blankenhuehler takes choreography to a whole other level by using a rotating stage to illustrate certain elements of Hamilton’s story, such as the duel that ends his life, and a flashback to the day he met his wife. The constant movement on stage is a mad rush of intricate, perfectly timed steps that leaves the audience in awe. The vision Blankenhuehler produced for this show is truly inconceivable; the movement he has created brings a sense of purpose to Miranda’s lyrics.
    Hamilton has captured the hearts of thousands of theatre-goers, including students that go to Radnor High School. Junior Owen Braithwaite called it “a musical for everyone and anyone,” and praised the show for making history “enjoyable through rap, ballads, love, deceit, and laughter.” Junior Julia Uricheck loved how the show was able to “attract all ages and people who don’t gravitate towards theater,” and even called called Lin-Manuel Miranda “one of the most talented people in the business.” Needless to say, Hamilton has touched people from all over the world, and has received nothing but raving reviews from fellow students right here in our high school.
    Overall, Hamilton embodies the spirit of a man that changed history. It’s an honorable tribute to the man that created our country’s financial system from nothing, and helped put our country on its feet. This show recognizes Hamilton for his innovative ideas, prolific writings, and determined mindset that helped generate the structure for a government that still stands today. Hamilton forces the audience members to learn about his contributions, and helps them to admire the sacrifices he made. This show encompasses his aura and honors his legacy through the brilliance of art. I truly urge you to see this show; it is overflowing with powerful music, intense choreography, and historical passion that makes this musical the hottest show on Broadway today and the best one I have ever seen.