Remodeling of Radnor Library

Amanda Magen

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The Radnor Township Memorial Library is a place with many functions. It’s an ideal location for tutoring, reading, getting work done, or even as a safe space where kids can wait to get picked up.  And it’ll be even better, with more shelf space and a new layout.  The remodel will take just a year- or it was supposed to.
Due to an unfortunate miscommunication in price, the current price bids are way over the budget for the remodel, and the process of redesigning and rebidding must be restarted.So, why is the library currently closed when it seems as though construction won’t take place for a long time?  The original bids and pricing made it seem as though the construction would start in June and because of that, the library was relocated to a smaller location in May.  All the library staff who were not working full time were laid off, but promised they could reapply once the renovation is complete- which doesn’t seem to be for a while.
A temporary library with a more limited selection of books is located at 100 W. Lancaster Ave., Suite 120. Radnor is being assured that there are people working tirelessly to get this construction off the ground as soon as possible. With this in mind, we can only hope that renovation starts as soon as possible.
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