Radnorite Mini Crossword #7

Eleanor Adams and The CrossBoard

The CrossBoard has returned from the depths of their clue conjuring cave. Happy first day after break! With today being virtual, we hope this crossword doesn’t distract you too much from your teachers on zoom. No split screening! Good luck crossers!

1. Popular activity for juniors over spring break.
2. University with most RHS commits acronym.
3. Other popular Pennsylvania public university.
4. COVID throwback after spring break Monday's classes are
5. RHS's now waterless feature.
6. This musical group will host their spring concert on April 27th.
7. Radnorite's environmental awareness group.
8. Popular senior social studies subject abbr.
9. Popular senior science subject acronym.
10. Radnor alum, history whiz, and president of RTEA.
11. Precalculus and basketball master.
12. Junior year English course slang.
13. Popular clothing item sold by many Radnor sports teams for fundraising.