AJ Bloomfield
I am a very dedicated Marvel fan and I am always in the first showing possible when a new flick is released. But when the final end credit scene of Guardians 2 rolled, I was genuinely disappointed that my buttery treat was the best part of the entire movie excursion.

Patrick Kaper-Barcelata
The EU breathed a sigh of relief as former economy minister and centrist Emmanuel Macron defeated the far right Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election on Sunday, May 7. A Le Pen presidency promised grave implications for the anxious and divided European Union, galvanizing the populist movement sweeping across core member states and testing the foundations of long standing political precedents.

Emily Chen
Don’t get me wrong, sexism upsets me, but what upsets me just as much is when people take the concept of gender inequality, more specifically the word “sexist”, and inappropriately plaster it all over the walls, demeaning and desensitizing the entire movement.