In 500 Words or Less: Net Neutrality, CDC “Word Ban”, Alabama Election, Jerusalem

December 22, 2017
The Currents Section summarizes net neutrality, seven words the CDC might have banned, recent US position on Jerusalem , and Doug Jones.

Happy Veterans Day and Thank You To All Those Who Serve and Served

Christopher Glanzmann November 13, 2017
Christopher Glanzmann Veterans Day is the day we celebrate the men and women brave enough to join and persist through their jobs in the military, risking their lives to protect ours.

500 Words or Less: Texas Shooting, Manhattan Terror, NY Marathon, etc.

November 8, 2017
Josh Woo covers recent events involving the Texas church shooting, Manhattan terror, New York Marathon, iPhone X, and Russia and George Papadopoulos.

500 Words or Less: Harvey Weinstein, Wildfires, ISIS, and more

Josh Woo October 23, 2017
Major October current events include Harvey Weinstein, ISIS defeated in Raqqa, California Wildfires, and Trump Condolences.
500 Words or Less: Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Nobel Prizes, and More

500 Words or Less: Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Nobel Prizes, and More

October 9, 2017

Major events (10/1-10/8): Vegas massacre Puerto rico Nobels Washington tax plans Catalonia Vegas Shooting 10/1 Some records were meant to be broken, some are never going to be, but some should...

A Not-So-Bright Ending to the Solar Eclipse

A Not-So-Bright Ending to the Solar Eclipse

Emilija Sagaityte, Former Editor-in-Chief October 2, 2017
Emilija Sagaityte This is the moment when you know your world is about to end...when you pass by the Radnor Memorial Library and see a bright-pink, neon sign that reads, “Sorry, we are out of eclipse glasses,” dangling behind the glass door.
Summer Recap 2017

Summer Recap 2017

Josh Woo September 22, 2017
Josh Woo As summer officially ends, let’s take a quick look at the major events from this past season...
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review Vol. 2 (CAUTION: Spoilers Ahead)

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review Vol. 2 (CAUTION: Spoilers Ahead)

AJ Bloomfield June 3, 2017
AJ Bloomfield I am a very dedicated Marvel fan and I am always in the first showing possible when a new flick is released. But when the final end credit scene of Guardians 2 rolled, I was genuinely disappointed that my buttery treat was the best part of the entire movie excursion.
Macron Molding the Fate of the European Union

Macron Molding the Fate of the European Union

Patrick Kaper-Barcelata May 24, 2017
Patrick Kaper-Barcelata The EU breathed a sigh of relief as former economy minister and centrist Emmanuel Macron defeated the far right Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election on Sunday, May 7. A Le Pen presidency promised grave implications for the anxious and divided European Union, galvanizing the populist movement sweeping across core member states and testing the foundations of long standing political precedents.

Currents Updates #2

May 22, 2017
Read about the Currents Upadates on Emmanuel Macron Winning French Presidential Election, F.B.I. Director James Comey being fired, the Ransomware virus, U.S. placing new sanctions on Syria over human rights, and Trump's trip to Saudi Arabia.

ISPs and Internet Privacy

Jake Chanenson May 16, 2017
Jake Chanenson On April 3, 2017 S.J. Res. 34 was signed into law. This resolution provided congressional disapproval of the FCC privacy rules implemented in late 2016.

Vacations, Digital Privacy, and You

Jake Chanenson May 8, 2017
Jake Chanenson If your summer plans take you aboard you may want to put some extra thought into what devices you bring.
Currents Updates: April 2017

Currents Updates: April 2017

May 8, 2017
Update on the current events in April. Featuring topics such as the United Airline controversy, US using MOAB in Afghanistan to target ISIS, rising tension in north Korea, and Berkeley riots.
Our Next Justice

Our Next Justice

Neal Chan April 3, 2017
Neal Chan Franken, Feinstein, and the rest of the Democrats peppered Gorsuch on past decisions to highlight his penchant to side with corporations and rule against the common man.

I’m a Feminist Because of the True Definition Of “Sexist”

Emily Chen March 27, 2017
Emily Chen Don’t get me wrong, sexism upsets me, but what upsets me just as much is when people take the concept of gender inequality, more specifically the word “sexist”, and inappropriately plaster it all over the walls, demeaning and desensitizing the entire movement.
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