Why We Should Allow Teachers to Bear Arms

Sebastian Bryant March 13, 2018
Sebastian Bryant The Radnor Township School district is entrusted with the lives Radnor students and it is a dereliction of their responsibility to the safety of these children to merely wait complacently for some fix-all piece of legislation to magically solve the problems which now ail American society.
This is Our Movement

This is Our Movement

February 28, 2018
Lena Armstrong Unified by a mission for change, Radnor High School students will gather from 10 am to 10:17 am to spend 17 minutes mourning the loss of 17 lives. The purpose of this walk-out is to show the unification of the youth of America, not only reflecting on the loss of other students, but also making a public stand against the school shootings and lack of gun regulation.
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Letter from Texas: Make My America Great Again, Please

Jacob Scott Hendon February 27, 2018
In another installment of Letters from Texas, our out-of-state correspondent, Jacob Hendon, contrasts the current youth perception of current events with his grandparent's teenage years, "My grandparents weren’t constantly blasted with information. They did not sleep a foot away from a phone that relayed some of the most terrifying news to them."

Change, Policies, and the America We Can Be

Ben Chanenson and Nick Camposano February 22, 2018
Ben Chanenson and Nick Camposano This article is part of the Radnorite’s series on the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and the movement it has inspired.
The Red Pill:  A Reaction

The Red Pill:  A Reaction

January 23, 2018
Amanda Magen A review/op-ed on why men’s rights issues are just as important as women’s, yet aren’t taken as seriously.
The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Bisher Nasir December 22, 2017
Bisher Nasir I walked into a store one October day, feeling the fall spirit as I sipped my pumpkin spice latte, and in the “seasonal” aisle that day were, you guessed it, fat Santas, reindeer, evergreen trees, and colorful lights.

December 25th: A Secular Holiday

Emily Chen December 21, 2017
Emily Chen Most devout Christians will probably tell you that Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. For much of the population, however, Christmas is not a particularly religious affair.
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Texas Explained

Jacob Hendon December 15, 2017
Jacob Hendon When it comes down to it, all anyone should know about Texas are these three things: religion, football, and pride.
The Elimination of School Property Taxes: Bad for Radnor and for PA

The Elimination of School Property Taxes: Bad for Radnor and for PA

Nick Camposano and Ben Chanenson November 3, 2017
Nick Camposano and Ben Chanenson On November 7th, Pennsylvanians will head to the polls for a municipal election. In addition to a vote for state legislators, this election will include a vote on a proposed amendment to our state constitution.
Dissent vs. Unity: On Unity as an American Value

Dissent vs. Unity: On Unity as an American Value

Caitlin Dressel October 16, 2017
Caitlin Dressel While dissent enables the country opportunities to facilitate change, it is unity that establishes an atmosphere of shared ideals and common goals under one American identity.
Dissent vs. Unity: On Dissent as a Tool of Democracy

Dissent vs. Unity: On Dissent as a Tool of Democracy

Nick Camposano October 16, 2017
Nick Camposano Belief in unity must be at the core of the American attitude, but with it must also come the acceptance of dissent as an impetus for improvement.

Why I Marched in the Science March

Chapin Lenthall-Cleary May 8, 2017
Chapin Lenthall-Cleary On Saturday, April 22nd, I marched in the Philadelphia science march. The march was for anyone who cares about science, for anyone who cares about our country’s future, for anyone who cares about empirical truth.
Decision Day

Decision Day

Jess Pevner May 1, 2017
Jess Pevner For high school seniors across the country, today marks the culmination of a long and often painstaking process. it’s a day meant for celebration and excitement about the future.
The "Better" College

The "Better" College

Julie Lee May 1, 2017
Julie Lee It was pretty clear in my mind where I wanted to go - University of Pittsburgh. But, on the back on my mind, the thought of “name value” lingered.
Drug Dogs III: The Legal Perspective

Drug Dogs III: The Legal Perspective

Ben Chanenson and Nick Camposano April 26, 2017
In Drug Dogs III, Ben Chanson and Nick Camposano discuss whether or not the school has "the right to conduct mass sweeps of student effects? Are the rights of students violated, even if they forfeit some of their assumed privacies when on campus?"
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