Eagles Former Head Coach Chip Kelly Being Shown Interest by 49ers

January 26, 2016

  The former head coach of the Eagles, Chip Kelly, has reportedly met with the 49ers on Thursday, January 7th 2016. Chip Kelly was fired before the last game of the season for the Eagles. Kelly first...

Both Ends of the Spectrum in the NBA

Bobby Amarant January 26, 2016

In the 95’-96’ season, the Chicago Bulls stunned the world by breaking their own record for the best regular season record of all time with 72 wins. In the 11’-12’ season, the Charlotte Bobcats...

The NFL’s Favorite Tradition: Fining

The NFL’s Favorite Tradition: Fining

Bobby McGrane November 25, 2015

Traditions are a large part of what makes sports such a special experience for players, coaches and fans.  The NFL is no exception, with great traditions like Thanksgiving Football, the Lambeau Leap and...

Michael Jordan (left) and Gary Payton (right) amidst a trash talking exchange.

How has Trash Talking Changed in the NBA?

Bobby Amarant November 25, 2015

Trash talk is something many people overlook as a symbol of arrogance within sports. However, many players still seem to want to trash talk and retired players realize that it is starting to die out. Now,...

Inside the NFLPA

Bobby McGrane October 25, 2015

On May 11, 2015, the NFL announced its decision to suspend superstar quarterback Tom Brady for 4 games without pay.  This suspension came a few months after the 2015 AFC Championship game, which Brady’s...

Alex Hino (Radnor) is dragged down by Marlon Weathers (Marple Newtown) as Marple steps out victorious

Radnor Football: Finally Seeing the Fruits of its Labor

Noah Offenkrantz October 25, 2015

After an Upper Merion long ball put the Raiders down 7 nothing, it looked as though Radnor would be in for a long game. Yet, as usual, Radnor overcame the early obstacle and proved that Raiders are more...

Where Do We Draw a Line Between Students and Athletes at the Collegiate Level?

Where Do We Draw a Line Between Students and Athletes at the Collegiate Level?

Bobby Amarant October 21, 2015

Northwestern University football players has recently been denied the right to unionize by the NLRB. The decision was unanimous, yet the board did not close the window for other schools to be able to unionize...

Lacrosse: How far will it come?

Lacrosse: How far will it come?

Fernando Castro October 21, 2015

Lacrosse has had tremendous growth in Radnor as of recent. The amount of talent and students receiving scholarships is growing exponentially, so much so that one student committed to a college by the end...

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