LM Week

Lena Armstrong

Radnor and Lower Merion have had the longest running continuous public high school rivalry in the nation—122 years and counting. Every year Radnor High School has an LM Week in anticipation of the Radnor vs. Lower Merion football game filled with hallway decorating, themed outfits, a bonfire, a large pep rally, and, of course, the football game.
Leading up to LM Week

Before LM week, students come together to decorate the hallways with class sponsors, student government officers, and art enthusiasts leading the charge. Each grade is assigned a certain section of the school: Freshman have the Math hallway, Sophomores have the Social Studies hallway, Juniors have the World Language hallway and the International Cafe, and Seniors have the showcase English hallway. The Science hallway, one of the longest in the state, which the custodians have nicknamed I-95, remains untouched. This year’s theme was circus; red and white stripes took over a large portion of the school. Signs mocking our Mainline rival,  such as “LM students drive 25 mph on Radnor Chester Road” and “LM pours milk before their cereal” could be found all around the school.
LM Week Spirit Days

Every day of LM Week has an outfit theme. Monday was pajama day with students rocking everything from teddy bear onesies to flannel pajama sets. On Tiki Tuesday, most people frantically searched Amazon or their friend’s closets for hawaiian shirts. Wednesday was USA Day with people sporting American Flag everything and aggressively red, white, and blue apparel. On Throwback Thursday, some took to their parent’s closets for nostalgic pieces held over from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s This year, we saw the return of the juicy sweatsuits, bucket hats, and excessive denim from the early 2000s. On Friday, underclassmen wore LM shirts (on the back of which they could write their last names, nicknames, and funky linguistic coconctions), while seniors showcased their LM tank tops, providing another element of visual unity at the rally.
Throughout the week during B lunches, seniors and some juniors could be seen dancing to school-appropriate rap and hip-hop music in the cafeteria. There was some contention between the seniors and the administration after they removed community periods during LM week (and with it the usual dance parties). However, the administration added a period of time on Thursday for dancing, after students protested with a petition, which received over 750 signatures.

On Thursday, the school held a bonfire on Loop Field, a random plot of land near the junior parking lot, which only seniors can park in. Once the football players and cheerleaders arrived in fire trucks, the fire was ignited. As the flames quickly rose, the band played pep music and the cheerleaders cheered in the spirit of the coming game. The film Grease, inspired by Radnor High School, features a similar bonfire.

In anticipation for the pep rally, students adorned themselves with glow-in-the-dark paint and glitter. The entire school came alive in excitement for the rally. Just before the rally, the band ran around the school playing “Chop,” signaling to students to leave class for the rally.
The Pep Rally

The circus-themed rally began with the football players entrance, followed by the LM video and opening act. The LM video includes seniors, football players, and teachers doing whimsical acts.  Last year, RadTV recorded the Pitch Perfect audition scene with Radnor teachers and photoshopped teachers heads into famous movie scenes. This year’s movie took a more serious, artistic note as it featured different student club leaders and sports team caption, showing their talents along to “This is Me” from the Greatest Showman.  The rally featured several usual acts such as the Drumline, Color Guard, Radnor Raver’s lightshow, and Cheerleaders. It also included many choreographed dances, including the senior partner, Cheerleader-football player, Radnor Sisters (female teachers), Toads (male teachers), senior girls, and senior boys dance. There were also some new acts such as Ally Capone’s contorismism, a new dance group Hot Topic, and bike tricks from One Way. At the conclusion of the rally, the seniors rushed onto the basketball court under a shower of confetti.
The Game

The Radnor vs. Lower Merion game was originally Saturday, but was switched to Friday night due to a predicted Nor’easter. The game started with a nervous moment, as Lower Merion scored the first touchdown. However, Radnor wound up winning 28-20, earning all Radnor students a half day on Monday. At the conclusion of the game, Radnor students rushed onto the field to congratulate the team.  This victory marks the 5th consecutive win for Radnor.
Post LM Week
LM week encompasses the Radnor spirit through the enthusiasm of the students and dedication of the Radnor High School community. Many groups such as RadTV, Radnor Ravers, Drumline, Toads, Sisters, seniors, and teachers unite to ensure the experience is as memorable as possible.  Most students look forward to LM week throughout the year. For this week, the entire student body come together to not only cheer on the football team, but also celebrate the Radnor High School community. LM week serves as a qunitiesial and unique Radnor experience, which students will have with them for the rest of their lives.