The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Mariah Maynard

Fall is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s not like winter. No blanket of white snow lays on the earth and no snowflakes fall slowly from the sky. It is not like summer. No cool wind hits your face as you run around outside and take joy in the rays of sunlight. No one is anxious to jump in the pool and splash water everywhere. It is not like spring. No delicate flowers spring up from the earth and omit pleasant scents, yet fall is still wonderful. Yes it may lack some of the joys other seasons may bring, but it provides specific traditions that invite a calm and warm atmosphere.

Apple picking with my family habitually turns into a competition of who can find the best apples. From the apples, comes delicious apple cider, a personal favorite drink of mine to symbolize the changing of seasons. The green leaves on the trees consistently transform into an array of wonderful colors ranging from deep reds to warm oranges to bright yellows. The wind feels cool and light as I walk down the street and hear the familiar crunches of leaves under my feet. All of nature has its own tradition, too.

During the fall, pumpkin picking is another one of my favorites. Walking through the patches and finding the perfectly orange and plump pumpkin to take home and carve silly faces is always amusing. They are always finished for Halloween, a night filled with whimsical costumes and children traveling from door to door in search of candy. Every year, I attend a haunted house. Though I always get extremely frightened because I’m faint of heart, the night always turns great because it’s all in due fun.

Thanksgiving is my favorite tradition. Food litters the dining room table and the delicious scents make our mouths water. In my house, before we eat, we have a tradition to go from person to person, listing the things we are thankful for. Sometimes the room is filled with banter and fun, especially after the little kids say they are thankful for some new toy. Sometimes the conversation turns serious and meaningful, especially when someone inevitably says they are thankful for family, a comment that always fills the room with a tremendous amount of love.

Fall is bursting with traditions because there are so many wonderful activities to do. Activities for the whole family can be found and more traditions can always be made. It’s a time for fun. It’s a time for family. As the weather gets colder and the smiles get wider, it’s also a time to simply enjoy being in the wonderful times that autumn brings.