Graph: Reasons Why People Want the Old Radnorite Back


Dan Carlston
After news broke out that the Radnorite would be switching from its traditional paper format to a themed, online news site, reactions among the people of Radnor High School were extremely varied. The responses to the survey I may or may not have conducted are detailed in the pie chart above. Fifty students and forty-nine teachers participated in the study, along with one refreshing response from former U.S. President and perennial dead person Rutherford B. Hayes.
The results of the survey are largely inconclusive, as a whopping 99% of the responses are made up (except the one from Hayes, who reported his answer from his gravesite in Fremont, Ohio.) For what it’s worth, I am a big supporter of the online shift. Not only is it a more appropriate outlet for young writers and aspiring journalists in a modern, high school environment, but it also lets me make big pie charts with lots of small text and shiny colors! That in and of itself is enough for me to be on board with the 2015-16 Radnorite, but the entire Radnorite staff hopes you will enjoy this new and improved format as much as we do.
On the off chance that you do have legitimate complaints, let us know! We will attempt to address your concerns as quickly as possible without forcing you to take drastic measures like, say, refusing to write college recommendations. If we don’t handle your complaints the way you’d like us to, please feel free to convince all your peers and coworkers to wear dark blue turtlenecks in protest this Friday.