RHS Seniors’ Plans for Next Year


On Wednesday June 12th, the Radnor High School seniors will graduate. In an effort to celebrate their accomplishments, the Radnorite has compiled a list of the seniors’ plans for next year, using an opt-in system. The past four years has been a crazy road to navigate, filled with school work, friends, and activities. For us seniors, it is important to reflect on our time here at Radnor and take those memories and lessons into the next stages of our lives. Congratulations Class of 2019!


Amnah Alhazmi – Medical School in Dubai or Australia

Blake Anderson – Tulane University

Graham Armstrong – University of Colorado Boulder

Lena Armstrong – University of Pennsylvania

John Austen – Franklin and Marshall College

David Azzarano – Immaculata University

Caroline Bader – Marquette University

Sarah Banwell – University of Maryland

Caroline Barnhart – Colgate University

Brooke Basilavecchio – Messiah College

Alex Bay – McGill University

Ryan Bernicker – Bucknell University

AJ Bloomfield – Drexel University

Rachel Bodenger – University of Alabama

Jessica Bogutz – College of Charleston

Shannon Boylan – Purdue University

Nicole Braccili – Moore College of Art & Design

Katherine Bragdon – Temple University

Isabelle Breedveld – Cornell University

Andrew Brown – Dickinson College

Sydney Brumfield – Ithaca College

Sebastian Bryant – University of Chicago

David Callaway – Michigan State University

Doug Campbell – Pennsylvania State University

Cara Camposano – Syracuse University

Nick Camposano – Duke University

Aidan Carter – University of Tennessee

Ben Chanenson – Case Western Reserve University

Lisha Chen – Case Western Reserve University

Adrienne Cheung – Drexel University, custom-designed neuroscience major

Thomas Ciatto – Boston College

Patrick Civitella – University of Richmond

Shana Clapp – Bucknell University

Matt Cohen – University of Michigan

Sammy Cohen – Tulane University

David Colleran – Drexel University

Henry Collins – Washington University in St. Louis, playing football

Nate Congleton – Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Jack Connolly – Gettysburg College

Liam Connolly – Franklin & Marshall College

Henry Cooke – Franklin & Marshall College

Bella Coppola – University of Alabama

Cate Cox – Lehigh University

Kaise Coyle – Gwynedd Mercy University

Molly Crawford – Towson University

Izzy Criscuolo – DeSales University, majoring in Musical Theatre

Patrick Cullen – University of Alabama

Gina D’Ignazio – Drexel University

Sarah Daiutolo – Drexel University

Archer Darrach – Denison University

Andrew Davis – Northwestern University

Colin De Vlieghere – University of Toronto

Sara Dell’Orco – West Chester University

Jack Demmy – Purdue University

Erica DiCarlo – Pennsylvania State University: Schreyers Honors College

Will Dickson – Queen’s University

Annabelle Dinda – NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study

Charlie Doane – Florida State University

Sally Dolan – Temple University

Shane Donaher – Pennsylvania State University: Schreyer Honors College

Jack Dooley – University of Pennsylvania

Tyler Dornan – Pennsylvania State University

Alistair Douglas – Oregon State University

Caitlin Dressel – Bucknell University

Patrick Duffy – Miami University

Kyhmeir Duncan – West Virginia University and National Guard part-time

Aidan Dunn – University of Pittsburgh

Nazim Duran – Duke University

AJ Engelhard – Penn State Harrisburg

Etienne Falquet – Drexel University

Sylvain Falquet – Franklin & Marshall College

Aziza Fayzullayeva – U.S. Army

Corynn Fitzpatrick – West Chester University

Lexi Fogel – University of Michigan

Emma Frandsen – Drexel University

Leah Frebowitz – University of South Carolina

Abby Frishman – University of Rhode Island

Maria Gajic – Rutgers University

Bauti Gallino – University of Pennsylvania

Priya Ganesh – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Blake Gauthron – Florida Gulf Coast University

Maria Geagan – Pennsylvania State University

Josh Gerstein – Purdue University

Jaimee Getty – University of Miami

Luigi Giacomucci – Syracuse University: Renée Crown Honors College – Setnor School of Music & College of Engineering

Teddy Girton – Gettysburg College

Chris Glanzmann – Nova Southeastern University

Sophie Gold – American University

Sarah Goncher – Clemson University

Owen Goodchild – Drexel University

Julia Grossinger – University of Wisconsin

Anna Gurian – Case Western Reserve University

Olivia Gusdorff – Lehigh University

Maddi Hannum – Dickinson College

Chloe Hawkins – NYU Shanghai

Eliot Hayes – Gap year

Sasha He – Columbia University / The Juilliard School

Blake Heath – Purdue University

Grayce Henderson – Carnegie Mellon University

Catherine Hobbs – Vanderbilt University

Bailey Hoffman – Elon University

Dylan Holley – University of South Carolina

Zoe Holman – Pennsylvania State University

Holly Holtsberg – University of South Carolina

Adam Hornbaker – Drexel University

Mary Horstmann – West Chester University

George Hoysgaard – Auburn University

Sharon Hsu – Cornell University

Jack Hughes – University of Southern California

Josh Hunn – Pennsylvania State University

Melissa Hunn – Franklin and Marshall College

Varun Iyer – University of British Columbia

Chloe James – Loyola Marymount University

Josh Jones – Syracuse University

Patrick Kaper-Barcelata – University of North Carolina

Ben Karnavas – University of South Carolina

Cameron Kelly – Miami University

Seamus Kennedy – University of Alabama

Jacob Kerber – Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Luke Kilby – Union College

Seongchan Kim – Ursinus College

Bobby Kirsch – Penn State Harrisburg

Michael Koerwer – Villanova University

Anoush Kojouri –  Drexel University: Pennoni Honors College

Daniel Kurtz – University of Rochester

Paul LaCroix – Gap year in Japan, then going to University of Toronto

Nicole LaFiandra – Syracuse University: Captain of the Synchronized Skating Team

Sarah Beth Lanzone – University of Georgia

Anthony Laudicina – University at Buffalo

Grace Lawrence – Pennsylvania State University

Andy Lee – Georgetown University

Ethan Lee – Northeastern University

Jack Lee – Lehigh University

Marshall Lian – Loyola University Maryland

Nick Liotta – University of Arizona

Mitchell Lohmeier – University of Nebraska-Lincoln Honors

Page Lowry – Fairfield University

Christine Lu – Clemson University

Amanda Magen – University of Virginia

Evan Majercak – Pennsylvania State University

Alana Malik – Temple University, majoring in marketing

Grace Manganaro – James Madison University

Colton Markowitz – University of Texas Austin: Red McComb’s Business School

Siena Masciantonio – University of Colorado Boulder

Tess Massaro – Pennsylvania State University

Cat Masterson – Pepperdine University

Nider McCurdy – Millersville University

Megan McKeon – Pennsylvania State University

Megan McNamara – Miami University of Ohio

Braedan Meandro – Northeastern University

Zoe Metzger – College of William and Mary

Peter Miller – Lehigh University

Nick Mlodzienski – Carnegie Mellon University

Antonia Moffa – Hofstra University Honors College

Jaimee Moore – Delaware County Community College

Beka Moore – Gap year and working on her art

Archibald Morrison – Belmont University, majoring in music business

Alexandra Moyer – Fairfield University

Bennett Mueller – Clemson University

Sean Mullarkey – Dickinson College

Kai Mulligan – Cornell University: Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

Emily Myers – University of Delaware

Hiro Nagayumni – University of Pennsylvania: Life Science & Management

Natalie Nicander – University of Richmond

Taylor O’Shea – James Madison University

Ethan Ott – University of Florida

Elena Owens – Drexel University

Stephan Pahides – East Carolina University

Esther Paik – Northeastern University

Aiesha Palmer – Oberlin College

Anthony Pasles – Villanova University

Brooksey Perrin Hee – Denison University

Joey Pevner – Pennsylvania State University: Schreyer Honors College

Ludwig Posauner – California Polytechnic State University

Liam Reed – University of Florida

Jahmair Rider – West Chester University

Chris Rinehart – Dickinson University

Lacey Robinson – Syracuse University: Renée Crown Honors College

Mab Rongione – Pennsylvania State University

Audrey Rosenblum – Vanderbilt University

Doug Rosin – Middlebury College

Sneha Roy – University of Pittsburgh

Sophia Royle – University of Arizona

Maddy Rubenstein – Drexel University

Sydney Ruffo – Flagler College

Madeline Ryan – Pennsylvania State University

Samantha Scannapieco – West Chester University

Nick Scheri – Pennsylvania State University

Eliana Schlagman – Northeastern University

Jackson Scott – Franklin & Marshall College

Olivia Shea – University of Colorado Boulder

Kieran Sheridan – Middlebury College

Julia Shi – Rice University

Sasha Skvortsov – Pennsylvania State University

Mariah Smith – University of Pittsburgh

Jenna Spray – Northwestern University: Medill School of Journalism

Nina Staples – Coastal Carolina University

Blake Stephano – University of Tennessee

Alex Storrer – Northeastern University

Ben Stueck – University of Richmond

Tommy Subak – Colgate University

John Sutherby – Wesleyan University

John Talucci – Elon University

Mitchell Taylor – Bloomsburg University, studying music education

Zach Taylor – University of California, Berkeley

Antonio Tilley – University of Pittsburgh

Oona Timmeney-Tracy – University of Colorado Boulder

Luke Todaro – West Chester University

Becca Toren – Tulane University

Noah Treangen – Ohio State University

Grace Twohig – Drexel University: School of Nursing

Dylan Van Dusen – Lehigh University

Luna Vasic – Delaware County Community College

Marina Vaughan – Pennsylvania State University

Ben Verbofsky – Pennsylvania State University

Joanna Vines – Syracuse University

Alicia Vitale – Bucknell University

Amanda Vitt – Tulane University

Pat Walker – Pennsylvania State University

Will Wallace –  University of Delaware

Andrew Ward – Pepperdine University

Meredith Webb – College of William and Mary

Jessica Weitzman – College of Charleston

Jade Winn-McNeil – Drexel University

Luke Winnick – DePaul University

Thomas Winnick – College of Charleston

Josh Woo – Brown University: Program in Liberal Medical Education

Max Xie – University of Michigan

Grace Yang – Lafayette College

Lauren Yang – New York University

Eren Yargici – Delaware County Community College then Temple University

Jenna Young – Clemson University

Jake Zaslow – Indiana University: Kelley School of Business

Ethan Zeh – University of Virginia

Jenna Zenouzi – Temple University

Olivia Zenouzi – John Cabot University in Rome for a study abroad then returning to start at Tulane University in the spring

Giulia Zito – West Chester University


Most Popular Colleges:

Pennsylvania State University (22)

Drexel University (14)

West Chester University (8)

Syracuse University (7)

Franklin & Marshall College (6)

Lehigh University (5)

Northeastern University (5)

Temple University (5)

Tulane University (5)