Gerry’s Top Four Family Activities For the Whole Family


Gerry Atkinson

Dear families of Radnor, during these uncertain times it is important to keep the things that matter to you close, and your enemies closer. In order to create some core bonding memories for the entire family I have listed some of my top seven favorite family activities that the whole family can do, and I wish everyone in the Radnor community the best of health.


First Idea: Make a new family member

  • Having a family is great, but after a while you can definitely get bored of spending time with the same people, so why not create a new family member. Using all your new toilet paper and hand sanitizer paper-mache a new creation and give it all the traits and abilities the family desires. You can choose its name, feed it, bathe it, and do whatever your heart desires with your new sibling/parent. I, Gerry Atkinson, love Harold (my new dad) and love playing catch with him despite his lack of arms and legs. This is fun for the whole family and you’ll make a new friend along the way.

Second Idea: Thank Ken Batchelor

  • This is a tricky situation, and it must have been a difficult task to properly prepare and handle this pandemic, and Ken Batchelor did a great job. I recommend writing 5,000 or 10,000 word essays all about how thankful you are for his work. Have fun discussing and debating your favorite physical traits Ken Batchelor has and compare and contrast your essays with the whole family. 

Third Idea: How many pushups can Ken Batchelor do?

  • How many pushups can Ken Batchelor do? It’s an age old question, up there with which came first the chicken or the egg and how many pushups can Mr. Busza do. Please debate with the whole family how many push ups Ken Batchelor can do, and if you get really bored bet copious amounts of money and privileges on the exact number. Can he do 6? Can he do 5,000? Who knows. I don’t know. Ken Batchelor knows. After the betting and debating is over facetime Mr. Batchelor and say goodbye to boredom town. 

Fourth Idea: Travel

  • Life is short, and too short to not travel when you can. Take advantage of the cheap tickets, lack of people, and open airplane seats and go see the world. What does the World Health Organization really know, go to Italy and eat pasta or go to Montgomery county and visit  the six escape room attractions this great county is home to, each offering unique and challenging experiences. Can you solve the puzzles and escape before time runs out?


Some other non-boring idea:

  • Make a kite
  • Practice rope tying
  • Pasta eating contest
  • Challenge Mr. B to a push up contest
  • Pomegranate contest
  • Jumping


It’s a myth that only boring people get bored, because I get bored constantly, so I hope Gerry’s Top Five Family Activities For the Whole Family helped fight off the impending boredom we all face. Stay happy, stay healthy, and don’t forget to thank Ken Batchelor.