The Return of the Bullies


Gerry Atkinson

When schools were closed down and quarantine began I was overjoyed. I definitely miss some of my classmates, my friends, Mr. Busza, randomly sitting on the floor in the middle of class when sitting in a chair gets boring, and the general Radnor High School community, but I still think quarantine is a dream come true. To me going to school meant Mr. Buterbaugh berating me with mean remarks and potty language, being mentally harassed by fellow’ peers, and having our principal Mrs. Kevgas endlessly calling me to ask if my kitchen appliances are running as well as other electrical household equipment. I was miserable, and I had no one to turn to, until I was finally able to go about my school routine in the comfort of my own home without the bullies. But my utopia didn’t last long, as nature always finds a way; in an attempt to protect the future students of RHS from the torment I’ve experienced hell, I feel the need to share my story. This is the Return of the Bullies. 

It started about four and half weeks ago when I got an email from one NigerianPrinCe5683. He sent me email after email telling me about his financial troubles and how he just needed one thousand dollars to reclaim his billions. He promised hefty compensation for my help and I was quick to agree–it seemed like a sure thing. A few days after I gave him my credit card information and my life savings, the Nigerian prince revealed that he was in fact Ken Batchelor, a man who is as good with words as he is handsome. After that swindle I got prank calls from the cafeteria staff, more loan requests from a Nigerian princess ( Ken Batchelor), and snapchats from Mrs. Kevgas asking if my refrigerator was running. After being a speaker in the RMS Speak-Up program I thought I would have the swagger and public speaking abilities to stand up for myself, but administration and the RHS community never seems to listen, nothing is that safe to say, and the little hope HS Hope provides is running thin. 

I read in a book about cyber bullying but I never thought I would become a victim. For those untouched by this form of torment, cyberbullying is a form of bullying or harassment using electronic means. Cyber bullying has become increasingly common especially among teenagers, so I am wildly confused as to why these fully grown adults have so much pent up rage and can so quickly comment on one’s general intelligence in a mean way. I’ve thrown away my phone (switched to writing letters), smashed my tv (they were not contacting me through it I was just upset), and after I get the word out and post this article, I will be burning my laptop. At this point I’ve received 367 emails from various members of the school board saying I’m “smurf like” and most likely “can’t dunk or drink water properly” and I have given a Nigerian prince and princess (both Mr. Batchelor) over thirteen thousand dollars, most of which I’ve stolen from my parents; after about a week I will be completely after the grid. The worst part of this ordeal might just be the fact that no matter how much I speak up or get those stronger to speak up for me, my complaints never seem to be listened to. I’m definitely not blue, but things like that definitely make me feel like a smurf.

If you or someone you know is getting sort of mean emails from any of the RHS staff, please block them immediately/run away from home. The virtual school we are all attending seems to operate outside the schools guidelines, and the No Place for Hate program definitely has not transferred over. Before focusing on attendance it might be wise for the school to focus on improving this new world and making sure its students are happy, learning, and well heard. This new quarantined world is new for all of us, and I am disappointed to see the bullies adapt so quickly, but one day, in a land far far away, there is hope. A world where people listen.



If you or someone you know is legitimately experiencing some form of cyberbullying and believes they are in immediate physical danger please call 911. There are so many out there who can help and you are definitely not alone in this new fight. For more information please see the links down below and if you have immediate concerns speak to a trusted adult immediately as well as contacting authorities.