Knock Knock

Written by the president of Radnor’s Black Student Union


Morgan Usher

Knock knock 

Your favorite joke to tell

You laugh so hard you almost fell

All your friends already know

When knock knock comes up it’s time to go

Knock knock

Tick tock on the clock till you get out of school

Can’t wait to tell a knock knock joke cause you think they’re so cool

You just turned 12 so you get to walk home with friends 

And y’all get to play football on the weekends

Your walking home and there’s a knock knock 

Tick tick all time has stopped 

All you heard was a pop pop

They say a cop

Shot you down because you wouldn’t stop

Knock knock 

Your body hits the ground

All this sound surrounds 

Knock knock 

The surgeon is ready to perform

Knock knock 

The sound of your heart beat

Then the doctors hear a flat beeeeeeeep

Knock knock

On the door as they tell your mom her son is gone

It’s so hard to carry on

Knock knock

Everyone marches in the street

Everyone is stomping their feet

Everyone on one beat

All the signs read “Black lives matter”

Now you’re just a hashtag

Knock knock 

Everyone’s favorite thing you said

Knock knock

Now you’re dead