The Debate Over Space Cowgirls

Audrey Rubenstein, Staff Writer

In the final days before Halloween arrives, people are fine tuning their costumes for this year. Even though there is a global pandemic going on, we still HAVE to have our Halloween. As kids, we always thought about how to be original with our costumes. Not many kids wanted the ordinary superhero or firefighter. Nowadays, kids don’t care as much and have become more and more basic with their costumes because of their lack of time and energy. Girls do the same costumes over and over again. After awhile, these costumes become off limits or just considered social suicide because they are so basic. This year, the most hated, or unoriginal, costume is space cowgirls. The viral TikTok sensation that can change any teenager’s  mind in under 15 seconds, took this idea of space cowgirls and turned it into a debate.

The outfit itself is some sort of sparkly cowgirl hat matched with any sort of neon clothing and more sparkles. Some girls even add water guns to their look, along with any sort of colored sunglasses. But they don’t always follow this dress code. Certain girls that don’t put in any effort just wear a plain tube top, paired with  random shorts and a cowboy hat.  Numerous viral videos talk about how every girl will walk out of their house on Halloween dressed in these types of outfits. Though some videos describe the girls as being too boring with their costumes. 

Many Tik Tokers, however, claim that Space Cowgirls are all a part of “straight” tik tok and aren’t a part of what people call “alt” tik tok. These two sides of  TikTok — straight tik tok and alt tik tok — are usually arguing with each other in some sort of way, like the two political parties in our government. Both of these sides have gotten involved with the topic of Space Cowgirls, arguing about which side of tik tok they belong on. One side, “straight” tik tok, is where all of the popular creators and all of the so-called non-original people are placed. These people have similar “For You” pages that have mostly dancing videos and what some people call “cringey” video.

Then there is “alt” TikTok which is a side without as many popular creators and where people are posting less dancing videos and more comedy and fashion styled videos. Alt Tik Tok’s algorithm has placed everyone who wants to be space cowgirls on straight talk. These people chose because they knew how many people wanted to be this costume and they wanted to follow the trend. The fact that space cowgirls were determined to be on straight TikTok helped to kill the idea to many different girls on tik tok. They didn’t want to be seen as the everyday basic girls that were on their “For You” page or be a part of “straight” tik tok.