Ship or Sink? Featuring Janye

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Tess Brennan, Radnor Beat Associate Editor

The beginning of January has brought news that shocked people worldwide. No, the crude awakening about our country’s descension into chaos was not the minor inconvenience of rioters storming the Capitol Building. The craziest part of 2021 so far pertained to the reason behind Kanye and Kim’s divorce, after years of a flawless marriage. A beauty influencer by the name of Jeffree Star posted the picture on the left on his Instagram story, and many jumped to the conclusion that the man behind the arms in the picture was basketball player Andre Marhold. But upon further investigation, it became clear that the secret man in the picture was none other than Kanye West.

If we look back into 2015, the world was bewildered by a powerful pro-LGBTQ statement made by Kanye. He came on TV just to tell everyone who was discriminating against the LGBTQ community, “Yo, stop it fam, because when you’re attacking them, you’re attacking me.” At the time, Kim was on his side. But after Kayne and Jeffree made their relationship public, she claims, “same-sex couples should not be legal.” 

After accepting that the two were officially an item, it brought up the question of, how long? It turns out Jeffree has been in the picture for three out of the six years that Kanye was married to Kim. The proof behind this statement comes in the form of the miracle of life. Yes Janye (Kanye + Jeffree) have not one, but two children. The fine creations of these two lovers have had to hide their identities and their family name for three years. But nonetheless, a picture of the fraternal twins can now be found on twitter.

The breaking news was released by detective Ava Louise, more commonly known for her Tik Tok platform. At first, people suspected she threw around the allegations for attention. But that theory was thrown out the door when Jayne finally got the courage to happily express their love on social media. On January 6, Jeffree Star tweeted a picture of the newly public couple trying on their outfits for the upcoming Sunday morning service. Even Kanye, who had only posted with his ex wife Kim one time, decided to post a picture on Instagram that sent shock waves around the world (Not only because the two were enjoying a nice morning in bed, but because Kanye actually had a smile on his face). Once again, these details drive home the fact that the couple was completely real and in love.

As if all of this evidence wasn’t enough, some people still questioned the probability of the two getting together. So, after two full days of such rumors circulating the mediaKanye took matters into his own hands. The same day that the pictures were posted, Kanye and Jeffree went on Instagram live.

Kanye: “To all of my fans out there wondering if the rumors are true, let me be the one to tell you, they most certainly are. There was just one very crucial thing that Kim was missing but that my little, or should I say big, Star can give to me. I’m referring to love of course. And if you see an article that has me denying this claim, that was my agent, not me, being quoted.”

Due to extreme media attention and even less privacy than before, on January 7 Jeffree Star posted a Youtube video denying the relationship. Several viewers, however,  have commented pointing out the fact that Jeffree looks as if he were reading off a script and being held at gunpoint during the filming of the video. Jeffree also added, “Let me just say this one time for any news outlet…I like very tall men.” The claim most definitely hurt Jeffree to say because afterwards he looked down sympathetically from his eyeline, as if to apologize to the 5’1 Kanye behind the camera. 

If this relationship survived the terrors of 2020, it only further emphasizes the point that Janye is real, and that love comes in many shapes and sizes.