Pros and Cons of Reverse Evacuations

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Andrew Rosin, The Radish Editor

Radnor High School recently introduced Reverse Evacuations, a protocol that directs students to re-enter the building due to an external threat. The Radish looks at some of its pros and cons.


  • Good to have a contingency plan if a Category 5 Extratropical Cyclone were to materialize out of nowhere
  • Discourages people from hiding in trash cans in the event of severe weather
  • Drill took up a solid 10 minutes of class time
  • Effective use of school’s sleek Visiplex wireless PA system 
  • Potentially allowed to talk during this type of drill 
  • Doing things backwards has been proven to improve cognitive function
  • Always cool to invent something new
  • Sometimes hard to remember if you’re supposed to run towards or away from a threat
  • Maybe the school can do this for my birthday
  • Concept for a reverse evacuation got 5 stars on
  • Made me giggle when first announced 


  • Could be a problem if school simultaneously caught on fire
  • Ambiguous terminology suggests that it involves walking backwards
  • Are the virtual students supposed to come to school during a reverse evacuation?
  • Steps on toes of the commonly insecure Level 1 Lockdown 
  • Would be bad to use on Opposites Day
  • Insensitive to the victims of the 1972 Hurricane Agnes who didn’t enjoy this type of luxury
  • Infringes on copyright of popular card game Uno
  • Wasn’t given three months notice to plan my reverse evacuation outfit
  • Anything with a list of ten plus cons probably not a good idea
  • Kind of self-conscious about the way I climb stairs
  • Guess I built a nuclear bunker under Prevost Field for nothing 
  • Kids with free periods will likely have no idea what to do
  • Armed intruder probably not more dangerous than Mr. Capone