15 Reasons Why RHS Should KEEP the Modified Keystone Schedule

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15 Reasons Why RHS Should KEEP the Modified Keystone Schedule

Sarah Tachau, Radish Associate Editor

Radnor High School recently returned to its normal, 8-period, numerical order school day after a week of the Modified Keystone Bell Schedule. Some students referred to the mixed-up class order as a “confusing mess,” others called it “a stroke of pure genius by the RHS administration.” By far The Radish’s favorite modified schedule, here are 15 reasons why the Keystone Bell Schedule must be made permanent:


4. Counting out of order is proven to increase cognitive ability

2. Radnor Administration gets to demonstrate their graphic design talents in a daily schedule post

6. It’s kinda fun to see who walks into the wrong class

7. Gives your history teacher something to go on a tangent about at the beginning of class

9. Fun conversation alternative to “I’m tired” or “I want to go home”

3. Community period is overrated

1. Disrupts normalcy: Radnor community thrives in uncertainty

10. I always wanted to have Physics after lunch

5. “Modified Keystone Bell Schedule” sounds fresh and cool, unique to PA

13. 9 out of 10 students don’t even know what our normal schedule is called

15. Yay early lunch

12. Other schools will be jealous

8. Fewer student absences: who in their right mind is going to skip a Modified Keystone Bell Schedule day?

11. Do you think I can skip and say I didn’t know what class I had

14. Gives students a reason to check Schoology every morning (besides to check for a new Radish article, of course)