Radnor’s Outfits of the Week

Zoe Margolies

Inspired by the Sixers “Drip Cam”, welcome to Radnor’s outfits of the week! Because school is a place to dress up and act like you’re strutting down a runway instead of just walking through the off-white hallways, I felt it was appropriate to spotlight our creative Raptors with their awesome outfits.

Covid hit hard the week of December 20th, and many people were away due to winter break vacation plans or “senior skip day(s),” but even with the sparse attendance, the outfits really made the last three days of school more enjoyable.

Author’s Note: This section of the Radnorite aims to include as many different and unique styles as possible from all students across the school! I obviously only see certain people when walking through the halls or in my classes, so please feel free to contact me with your own stunning outfit, or one you saw and love (with the person’s permission of course).