Student Spotlight: Ryan Brennan


Olivia Dhavale and Spotlights

Dennis Ryan Brennan IV, 11th Grade 

Have you ever had a job and if so what was your experience?

R: I was a camp counselor at Future Stars day camp for the last three years,

O: Are you doing it this year?

R: No. It sucked. I didn’t like it, I mean shoutout to Future Stars but they did not pay me enough. I was the best counselor there and did not receive the compensation I deserved. 

We are both Latin students and I was wondering about your time with the course.

R: I love latin! My favorite part of class is the man himself, Doctor McGay. He is such an enthusiastic teacher and is genuinely interested in the course and that, in turn, makes the students genuinely interested in the course. 

O: Would you recommend the class to your peers?

R: Yeah, I would totally recommend it to everyone else.

How is the Latin Club Gerry Atkinson (another latin student) and yourself created?

R:I am the head of the Latin Club.

O: Would you also recommend this extracurricular to your peers?

R:Absolutely! Latin Club…. you just can’t miss it. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, with unlimited amounts of money, where would you go?

R: My home. 

What is the best compliment you have ever received?

R: “Ryan, are you willing to do the Student Spotlight interview?”

I was talking to some people on your JV soccer team and they told me that rather than picking up cones and packing up the balls that you would instead mess around. How come you thought you would receive the coaches award?

R: [Whoever told you that] lied to you. I picked up the cones constantly, I chased after balls, and, you know, you have to find a median between fun and work. I absolutely did find that middle ground. I was the leader of the benchwarmers.  I am JV soccer, …the embodiment of the team. 

O: Maybe you will win the JV coaches award next year. 

R: I’ll be a senior next year.

O: I am aware.

What are the steps to your morning hair routine? 

R: So I wake up, I take a shower and then I wet my hair ever so slightly. 

O: It really does make a difference!

If you could switch identities with anyone in the world, who would it be?

R: Karl Fredericks because he won the coaches award.

What is the best meal you have ever consumed?

R: The school cafeteria pizza. 

O: There is something about it. 

R: I would eat it everyday if I could!