Radnorite Mini Crossword #5

Eleanor Adams and The CrossBoard

The mini is back! The CrossBoard is excited to present the fifth installment of the Radnorite Mini Crossword. Happy solving crossers!

1. This spring sports team won the state championship last year.
2. Topic of last week's junior and senior community period seminars.
3. Required senior year English abbr.
4. With 5, this dynamic duo usually teaches Viewpoints.
5. With 4, this dynamic duo usually teaches Viewpoints.
6. If you don't have a lock, your locker gets
7. Senior prom location.
8. Event for all five Radnor schools when galleries appear in the RHS lobby.
9. How AFSE brought awareness to inequalities in school funding.
10. Last Monday's math department holiday.
11. Class that has a semi on April 2.
12. Psych class child.
13. Extra help after school abbr.