Radnorite Mini Crossword #6

Eleanor Adams and The CrossBoard

Happy Monday crossers! The CrossBoard hopes that the sixth installment of the Radnorite Mini Crossword will help students get through the last week before Spring Break. Happy solving! You’ve got this!

1. On April 8, the third one will close.
2. Next class dance coming up on April 30 slang.
3. Sunday spring crew races.
4. Popular food related fundraising company.
5. Sold by French Club as a fundraiser for Ukraine.
6. Group dedicated to advising incoming freshmen and new students.
7. The most recent Model UN conference was held in abbr.
8. Musical group holding their spring concert on April 6.
9. Beloved local college that fell in the Final Four of March Madness.
10. Required junior social studies content abbr..
11. The blank tables are back in the cafeteria.
12. The track bus caught on
13. Cult classic based on RHS.
14. Disease affecting the class of 2022 post college acceptance.