We asked Radnor students where their favorite on-campus parking locations were: Here’s what they said


Sarah Tachau

A new school year is upon us and Radnor’s student drivers have spent all summer practicing parking within the lines to impress their peers and prevent a multi-vehicle crash in the Senior lot. With new towing regulations in place to eradicate the presence of juniors’ vehicles on campus and the transformation of the Wedge lot into luxury VIP staff parking, driving on campus is getting a whole new look. Naturally, the Radish had to get the inside take on how these changes impact students by asking them where their new favorite on-campus parking locations are. Here’s a handful of their responses:

“In the left turn lane on King of Prussia Road”

  • “By the time I come back at the end of the day, I still haven’t gotten the turn signal.”

“The patch of grass dividing Senior lot and the adjacent one-way road”

“Right next to the Tommy’s Towing truck”

  • “$185 is pocket money.”

“On top of the big dirt pile on Prevost”

  • “With four-wheel drive, getting up there is no problem.”

“In the handicapped spots”

  • “Last year I got caught doing this, so this year I’m borrowing my friend’s crutches.”

“With half of my 2022 BMW parked over the line so no one scrapes the doors”

“In Wedge until they tow me for it”

  • “#bringbackthewedge2023, #Wedgeforthewin,” “#W-edge”

“In the fire lane”

  • “Nothing like getting a shout out from RHS administration at 2:30 describing the model of your car and turning to your friends to say ‘That’s me.’”

“Next to the principal’s spot”

“In the principal’s spot”

“Perpendicular to my friends’ cars so they can’t get out of the spot until I leave”

“In Memorial lot to get my steps in”

“On the sidewalk”

“Next to the construction vehicles”

“I’m a junior, but I park in Junior lot to protest the misleading name.”

“In the neighboring school bus lot”

  • “I’m a nonconformist.”

Radnor students do not keep within the lines, but rather use creative thinking to find practical alternatives; parking on campus is no different.