Let Our Students See Their Reflections Again: A Petition to Bring Back the Hallway Mirrors

Sarah Tachau

On the brink of normalcy, students returned to Radnor in September with high hopes for the 2022-23 school year– that was, until they instinctively turned their heads for an obligatory fit check and found the full length hallway mirrors to be missing. For years the wall opposite from the computer lab was lined with ten state of the art Ikea mirrors, formally known as “Lång Spegel.” Students found a sense of comfort and joy amidst chaos in the Spegel, as one senior recalls, “I have fond memories of testing out how far away from the mirrors you had to stand to look distorted.” Between classes, students once watched their smiling reflections staring back at them; now, they frown. The wall is barren and empty, and several individuals cannot even recall their appearance. Therefore, the Radish writes this formal petition on behalf of the students of Radnor High School begging the RHS Administration, Radnor School Board, and the Pennsylvania state government to bring back the hallway mirrors. For more support, here are 10 more reasons to bring back the Spegel:

  1. Narcissism isn’t such a bad thing
  2. No hallway mirrors means more students are going to dye their hair colors that don’t suit them
  3. No more ‘Radnor’s Outfits of the Week’ because all of the students’ outfits are going to suck
  4. The mirror pic trend is going to die off completely
  5. God forbid the gray hoodie + flannel combo makes a comeback
  6. Students will walk faster to class because they won’t have a reason to slow down and check their appearance. Statistically speaking, the faster you walk the more likely you are to sprain your ankle.
  7. I heard that schools with no hallway mirrors rank below top 10 in the US News Top 100 Schools in Pennsylvania
  8. From an interior design perspective, those mirrors made the hallway look a lot more spacious and bright
  9. I forgot why I go to school if it isn’t to check myself out in the hallway mirrors
  10. If any of those mirrors broke on their way out of the school, that’s 7 years of bad luck for all of you

The student body hopes you higher-ups consider our petition. In the 2022-23 school year, please let our students see their reflections again.