What to Wear to this Year’s Santa Parade: A Culturally-Inclusive Radish Guide


Sarah Tachau

Calling all Radnor residents: the annual Santa Parade is right around the corner, which means you need to dust off your Santa hats and/or yarmulke and get ready to serve on the sidewalks of downtown Wayne. An inclusive holiday fest for all, regardless of religion, the Santa Parade is a merry tradition. The day’s activities include caroling, tree lighting, and, of course, an appearance by Santa himself. “The community is truly united on the morning of the Santa Parade,” claimed one local, “I do celebrate Hanukkah, but the wreaths we hang up around town have blue and white ornaments on them, so I certainly feel like part of the holiday cheer.” A member of a youth choir marching in the parade chimed in, “We always throw ‘Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel’ into our caroling mix, and never miss the token Kwanzaa song either.” The fun only comes to town once a year and requires total participation in order to properly kick off the holiday season. Fortunately, the Radish has compiled a culturally-inclusive guide on what to wear, so everyone can have a jolly time.

Holiday Sweaters

A classic. Check out any listed below.

  • “‘Let’s Get Lit’ Menorah Sweater” from Primark
  • “Nativity Scene Ugly Christmas Sweater” from Macy’s
  • “‘This is How I Roll’ Matching Family Dreidel Sweaters” from Amazon
  • “‘Jew-ish’ Hanukkah/Christmas Sweater” from Amazon
  • “‘Happy Christmukkah’ Best of Both Worlds Sweater” from Target

Assortment of Hats

Accessories are key. You can be generic and wear a Santa hat, or you can try out a fresh look with any of the following festive hats:

  • A Santa hat with any sort of electrical component (preferably batteries included)
  • A blue and white Santa hat
  • A red and green yarmulke
  • A Christmas tree hat
  • A menorah hat
  • Cut one candle off your menorah hat and now you have a Kwanzaa hat
  • A dreidel hat
  • A religiously-ambiguous candle hat

Other things to bring:

  • Blue and white Mardi Gras beads
  • Anything with snowflakes tends to win inclusivity points
  • The greeting “Merry Christmas” on hand regardless of whom you’re speaking to
  • Your “Hanukkah Gingerbread Cookie Making Set” from Target in case people around you want a snack

‘Tis the season to commercialize, and what better way to celebrate than to bring your most merry attire to the Santa Parade.