Introducing the Raptorettes


Caitlin Roeltgen

The Radnor Raptors really roll off the tongue, making it difficult to improve. In 2022, however, this name just won’t do.

Introducing: The Raptorettes.

Helping women stand out while also creating a posh new name for our school? Count us in.

Local schools have begun adopting this suffix, such as Haverford High School with their Fordettes and Radnor’s rival, the Lower Merion Acettes. “Some think adding ‘ettes’ is slightly misogynistic, but I think it levels the playing field by giving women’s teams the distinctive recognition they deserve for their effort,” claimed the Fordette’s field hockey coach. 

Of course, there are exceptions. For example, Bayard Rustin High School in West Chester’s men’s mascot is the Knights. Their principal commented, “We really loved the idea of the ‘Knightettes’ for our young women, but figured we might as well call them the ‘Princesses’ to keep on brand.” 

A Bayard Rustin High School junior commented, “I wish there would have been Knightettes, because now the girls get their own special name.” To him, “It’s not fair. Knights and Princesses don’t share the same root word, but Knights and Knightettes do. The Princesses wouldn’t exist without us, so why do they get the special name?” His friend also commented, saying, “If they were the Knightettes, we would get more recognition. Like the Kilgore College Rangerettes! When they perform, they’re basically advertising for their football team.”

The Origin

Where did “ette” come from? Dating all the way back to 1940, “ette” as a suffix derives from French and can be used as a diminutive. An example of “ette” being used as a diminutive is “kitchenette,” which happens to fit perfectly due to women’s nature of being in kitchenettes. A sophomore at Radnor High School commented on this suffix, stating, “I’ve been feeling very victimized lately because the town’s current name does not make me feel safe in my environment, as a female.” Changing the name, she said, would help solve that issue.

To improve Radnor’s mascot, there’s only one possible course of action: implement the Radnor Raptorettes. With a vibrant history and a major local impact, the Raptorettes is perfect for Radnor High School.