Radnor students attending PMEA music festival


Niva Menon, Guest Writer

Each year, Radnor High School musicians participate in the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA) Music Festival. Students partake in a high level of competition to hopefully  secure a place at the national level. Students are given multiple pieces, such as “ In Remembrance” written by Eleanor Daley, for their audition. After they submit a video recording, the top 20 musicians from each section are selected. This year, among the hundreds who auditioned, 17 RHS students were selected to represent RHS in the PMEA District 12 Music Festival. Students from Orchestra, Band and Chorus will partake in a 3-day convention during the months of January and February. Last year, because of Covid 19 protocols, the convention was not held, so many students are experiencing PMEA for the first time. Let’s take a look at our musicians:



In Orchestra, students are divided into 4 different sections: strings, winds, brass, and percussion. Among these sections are instruments such as cellos, flutes, and trombones. With such a variety, students play pieces that focus on technique and tonality. This year, seven students were selected to play at the District Level for the PMEA Music Festival from January 26th to the 28th  at Conestoga High School, where Dr. Timothy Dixon will conduct them.



  • Leon Chen 
  • Avril Lee 
  • Dean Moon


  • Arav Menon


  • Sungwoo Oh 


  • Grace Xu 



  • Theodore He 



In Band, students are divided into three sections: percussion, brass, and woodwind. Among these sections are instruments such as the drums, tuba, and clarinet. Radnors band musicians work excessively throughout the year—catch them at football games or Disney World! This year, four RHS students from Band were selected to play at the District level for the PMEA Music Festival on February 9th through the 11th , where Dr. Andrew Yozviak will conduct them.



  • Hayoon Kim 



  • William Lo 


  • Hannah Yao 



  • Grace Xu 



In Chorus, students are most commonly divided into 4 sections consisting of sopranos, altos, tenor, and basses; however,among those sections, there are smaller parts included. The sopranos are divided into soprano 1 and 2, the altos are divided into alto 1 and 2, and so forth. Students from Dr. Glenny’s chorus class held rehearsals every Tuesday after school, during which Dr. Glenny himself would help prepare them for the upcoming competition. This year, eight students were selected to sing at the district level for the PMEA Music Festival from January 12th through the 14th at Octorara High School. There, Dr. Marci Major will conduct them.


  Soprano 1

  • Emily Anagnos 
  • Coralie Bilello 

  Alto 2

  • Niva Menon 
  • Bridget Walsh 

  Tenor 1-

  • Shane Roche 


  • Domenic Elia 
  • Aidan Oliver


While at Districts, students will audition for a spot at Regionals. The three-day convention holds blind auditions; students will sing or play excerpts from the songs they were assigned . Judges then select the top ten students from each section to play at the regional level. As Radnor’s musicians work hard to secure a place at Regionals, we wish them the very best. Congratulations and good luck!