The Magnificent Midterms


Martina Becerril

The New Year celebration, Three Kings Day, and MLK Day: all holidays that people count down the days till in the dark, cold, grueling winter season. But what festivity does the Radnor High populace enjoy above all? What celebration unites the students and teachers? None other than the Magnificent Midterms.

Contrary to popular belief, RHS pupils love the Midterms. A recent RTSD survey showed that Radnor students spend 99% of their time thinking or daydreaming about Midterms. As a sophomore student claimed,“I consider those big study packets from teachers to be a belated Christmas gift.” Others have referred to the exams as a “highly anticipated celebration of learning.” 

As verified by Harvard Medical School professor Dr. Bob Britton, “Taking midterm exams helps to release endorphins in the brain. This process causes the individual to experience symptoms of eternal blissfulness.” Britton continued to explain how such science supports Radnor students’ obsession with thinking about Midterms. 

The excitement of the holiday infects teachers as well. One APUSH instructor commented, “Running the scantron machine during Midterms is a beloved tradition that has been going on at Radnor for generations. Any time I touch the scantron machine on a testing day I feel I’m grabbing RHS history by the hand.” 

The Magnificent Midterms commenced this morning at 8:45am with social studies, a fan favorite. A celebratory lunch period is situated in the middle of the day to allow for hearty gossip about American history. Then the exam every Radnor student has been yearning for…mathematics itself. Thursday and Friday will follow the same schedule with a myriad of different subjects.