The Way the Wind Blows

The Wind does not discriminate—

It does not take into consideration needs nor wants,

It continues its gusts free from fickle obligations,

It does not care which Way the It Blows


Man spends its existence fighting the wind,

Man does not see all 4 directions-only 2—

The way the wind comes from, and the way Man must go,

Always the opposite of The Way the Wind blows


When the Wind blows left, Man must go right,

And when the Wind blows right, Man must go left,

Simply for the sake of taking the path of most resistance.

Only then may he sew on a fictitious medal validating fabricated struggles,

For he always went the opposite of The Way the Wind blows


Yet The Wind does not acknowledge even the most fantastic of treasures,

And Man and his fraudulent ribbons are merely a temporary inconvenience,

So the Wind continues its prideless work without the slightest hint of remorse,

Eroding Mankind with a steady breeze.

And like an exasperated breath blowing out the courageous last candle,

The flicker of man is extinguished,

For he could never embrace the Way the Wind Blows.