Lena Armstrong shares her perspectives and insights from the past four years, regarding high school and the college process. She touches on how she pushed herself, figured out her goals, and navigated academics, standardized testing, college applications, and mental health. 

On Wednesday June 12th, the Radnor High School seniors will graduate. In an effort to celebrate their accomplishments, the Radnorite has compiled a list of the seniors’ plans for next year, using an opt-in system. The past four years has been a crazy road to navigate, filled with school work, friends, and activities. For us seniors, it is important to reflect on our time here at Radnor and take those memories and lessons into the next stages of our lives. Congratulations Class of 2019!

Ben Chanenson, Nick Camposano, Lena Armstrong spoke with Mrs. Reardon and Mrs. Pearsall, two teachers who have made an impact in not just their lives, but the Radnor community. They sat down with these “unquestionable Radnor legends” to find our more about their time at Radnor.

Let’s talk about sex….ed. In the wake of incredibly restrictive abortion laws being passed in several states, Morgan Wisehart, Abigail Lenhard, and Estelle Atkinson discuss the broader issue: sex ed. On a national level, state level, and here in Radnor Township School District, our students are not receiving the education they deserve.